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Our Mission & Purpose

Blatchford is a solid, cohesive group dedicated to continuous innovation and change through growth, committed to our core principles and values of proven Blatchford strategies. We coach dentists to reach their dreams for best life/work balance, lower overhead, greater profitability, more time away with team enjoying the same rewards. We do it for those dentists who want to live their best lives, enjoying greater profitability, best practices working with committed accountable teams.

A Family-Owned Dental Business Consultant Team

Meet the Blatchford Team

Carolyn Blatchford

Chief Visionary Officer

Jeanne Swenson

VP of Operations

Tiffany Evans

VP of Special Ops

Nanci Huston

VP of Fulfillment

Carol Bogner

Practice Development Advisor

Duke Meegan

Practice Development Advisor

Daniel Pite

Practice Development Advisor

Nanci Granahan

Dental Business Consultant

Keri Weron

Dental Business Consultant

Noah Burczky

Assistant Practice Development Advisor

Kaye Puccetti

Dental Business Consultant/ Enrollment Specialist

Kelly Gibbons

Dental Business Consultant

Dr. Jayson Tabor

Dentist Coach

Dr. Rhys Spoor

Dentist Coach

Dr. Roy Thompson

Dentist Coach

Dr. Steven Hatcher

Dentist Coach

Kelly McCarthy

Dental Business Consultant

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Proven & Trusted Partnerships

Blatchford Solutions works with several leading Dental Companies around North America. These are some of the Partners our clients have enjoyed working together with and have beneficial relationships.