Kaye Puccetti

Dental Business Consultant

I have been in the dental industry for over 30 years, first as a registered dental assistant then an office manager and now a dental consultant.

I have been coaching dentist with Blatchford Solutions going on 20 years. I went through the Blatchford Solutions coaching program as an office manager with a doctor I worked with in Napa, CA. We experienced great success and I love sharing this with other doctor’s and teams. Coaching dentist is a career that is incredibly rewarding, and I love being a part of helping dentist and teams live the life they dream.

My awesome husband Mike and I live on 6 acres in Central Oregon. We have 2 horses (Rocca and Kippy), 2 dogs (Maddie and Wookiee) and a very aloof barn cat. When I’m not traveling to visit dental offices, I love to travel for fun. Exploring both our beautiful country as well as traveling abroad.

I also have a passion for fashion and shoes. Yes, I’m a little obsessed and I’m totally okay with it. I live in an incredible area where the outdoors is truly our playground.

My other hobbies include, walking my dogs, hiking, kayaking, camping, trail riding, hosting parties, flower arranging, decorating and spending as much time as possible with my daughter.

My daughter Jessica is a veterinarian in Phoenix soon to me moving back to Oregon and also my best friend! It is fun to see her living her dream and implementing some of the Blatchford concepts in her veterinarian practice.

Proven & Trusted Partnerships

Blatchford Solutions works with several leading Dental Companies around North America. These are some of the Partners our clients have enjoyed working together with and have beneficial relationships.