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With over 4000 dental practices under our belt and 40+ years of experience, Blatchford Solutions is committed to helping you achieve results so you can live your best life.

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an Interactive 6 part program

Platinum Program

Our Platinum Coaching offers world-class systems that deliver one-of-a-kind leadership coaching for dentists—by dentists. Our coaching consistently produces a stunning increase in net profit, significantly more time off, and 100% accountability for both doctors and teams. Together, Drs. Christina and Bill Blatchford fine-tuned their Platinum Coaching System over the past 45 years while coaching more than 4,000 practices to achieve extraordinary results.

Our unique 2-Coach Approach begins by clarifying the doctor’s vision and goals for their practice and life with a Doctor Coach. A second coach—a Team Coach—then works with the entire staff to make sure implementation is a total success. The objective is to get everyone on the same page with the doctor’s vision and goals over the 18-month Platinum coaching term. Our systems are 100% customized for each practice. We coach the doctor and team how to discover what each patient wants by asking better questions, listening more and talking less. This ultimately improves case acceptance, allowing the doctor to do more comprehensive cases and less single-tooth dentistry.

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  • Summit

    • Targeted Coaching
    • Immediate Tool Implementation
  • Dynamo

    • Systems and Scheduling
    • Team Unification & Involvement
    • Case Presentation
  • On-Site Coaching

    • Adapt and Optimize Systems to Practice Needs
  • Peak Performance

    • Elevate Your Knowledge
    • Master Team Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Celebrate Success