Work Smarter, Earn the Revenue and Schedule You Deserve

Blatchford Solutions is a Dental Consulting company who can turn your dental office into a pinnacle practice. Empower yourself to earn the types of cases you've always wanted.

Work Smarter, Earn the Revenue and Schedule You Deserve

Blatchford Solutions is a Dental Consulting company who can turn your dental office into a pinnacle practice. Empower yourself to earn the types of cases you've always wanted.

Blatchford Solutions Can Help You:

Increase Revenue

Motivate Your Team

Take More Vacations

Find Deeper Fulfillment in Your Profession

Enjoy Coming to Work Every Day

Maximize Your Team's Efforts and Efficiency

Are you ready to get your practice and your life on track?

Now is the time for Blatchford Solutions



Are you ready to get your practice and your life on track?

Now is the time for Blatchford Solutions



Blatchford's dental practice management expertise analyzes your practice along with your goals and capabilities. Reach your highest potential, instead of putting business intelligence on your back burner. The key is balancing the excellent dental care you provide, while staying passionate about continuing education. Imagine accepting the cases you dream of, taking more vacations, and fostering your role as a dental expert in your community. It's all possible! Contact Blatchford Solutions to discover your journey today.

"We are committed to the success of every dentist. you deserve a great practice... and a great life."

Drs. Bill & Christina Blatchford Founder & CEO

Drs Bill and Christina Blatchford together have the strongest voices in dentistry today for private practice profitability with special emphasis on increased case acceptance. Working with a select maximum of fifty dentists each year, they have coached more than 3000 dental practices from Guam to England to reach their goals. With his coaching, doctors are enjoying dentistry, staying in the game, increasing net return, attracting patients who see the value in the dentistry offered, and developing an enthusiastic staff who enjoy working and are well compensated.

Bill's daughter, Dr. Christina Blatchford, joined forces with Blatchford Solutions as a coach after achieving practice success with her first practice. She merged a second practice with the first and co-wrote "No Nonsense Transitions" about what to look for when growing your practice by this proven method. Christina finds absolute joy in seeing her coaching Doctors reach their highest level of success.

Blatchford Solutions can help you:

  • Today’s business environment is fraught with many challenges and obstacles. Bill’s coaching will help navigate you and your practice to the level of success you desire. His advice has had a profound effect for us both professionally and personally.
  • Dr. Craig Jolley
    “Before working with Dr. Blatchford, I was stressed out. And I was very inefficient. Today dentistry is A LOT more fun…and A LOT more profitable. I went from 3 weeks off to 9 weeks off and I’m extremely happy! If you want to be a better dentist, pick up the phone right now and call Dr. Blatchford. Don’t delay your happiness!”
    Dr. Craig Jolley
    Maple Valley, WA
  • Dr. Scott Studerus
    “I’m the biggest skeptic in the world and WOW was I wrong! Deciding to work with Blatchford Solutions was the best business decision I’ve ever made. Call them today if you want to make more and work less!”
    Dr. Scott Studerus
    Belfair, WA
  • Dr. Gregory Keene
    “We joined Blatchford Solutions 20 months ago and have never been happier! We now operate as a team, where before we were just a staff. Everyone enjoys how we offer treatment to our patients, the added time off, and the added financial incentives as well. The coaching staff is always available for questions and assistance. Highly recommended!”
    Dr. Gregory Keene
    Lafayette, CO
  • Dr. Carson Kutsch
    Bill has changed my practice to move towards more efficiency and productivity. Working three days a week has given me more time to work with my team and manage the business, thus, providing our patients with better customer service and dentistry. More importantly, Bill and Carolyn have helped me prioritize my life so that I have more time with my beautiful wife, Hayley.
    Dr. Carson Kutsch
    Albany, Oregon
  • Dr. Tom Dudney
    Bill is very clear and logical in his approach to the business of dentistry. Having been there himself gives him a unique perspective and insight into what it takes to be a successful dentist. His ability to teach case presentation skills is unsurpassed and invaluable to the clinician wanting to present larger treatment plans.
    Dr. Tom Dudney
    Birmingham, Alabama
  • Dr. Roy Thompson
    Bill, Carolyn, and Kaye,

    I just placed my second implant this morning. Why haven’t I been doing this for the last 20 years? Amazing what talented coaches, a willing doctor, and motivated team can accomplish together. I remind myself that these are the procedures that I get to do since I’ve discontinued seeing children. Let me think–challenging implant, bone graft, and crown or occlusal alloy on screaming five year old? Thanks for the continued encouragement!
    Dr. Roy Thompson
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Heather Sarmiento
    Dr. Blatchford,

    I wanted to personally write and tell you thank you! I have been in the dental field for 10 years, I have managed several offices and I am EDDA trained. A couple of months ago I decided, after working in several offices at 2 or 3 year intervals and being constantly disappointed and over worked, that I was “getting out”! I decided to start my own cleaning business using natural cleaning products and made the decision to work as a “temp” until it took off

    I was not looking for a full-time position. My goal has always been to simply be happy. I pictured myself going into offices, not having to absorb their stresses, collect a paycheck and build my personal business. Perfect scenario for me, then I met Tracey Hughes. Dr. Hughes needed someone for three weeks while her current Business Administrator was on family medical leave.

    I was greeted with enthusiasm, appreciation, and respect. I learned over time that Dr. Hughes was utilizing Blatchford Solutions and her current team did not share her vision. I took it upon myself to do some research and in reading the articles on your website, I felt a spark. My first week with Dr. Hughes, I learned that she had recently let her hygienist go, and at the end of that week, she let her assistant go. I could not understand why these employees would not or could not embrace her vision! Dr. Hughes wanted a positive atmosphere, she wanted to have fun!

    At the end of my third week with Dr. Hughes, I accepted a full-time position. We now have a whole new wonderful team and we are very excited about growing our practice. Encouraged by Dr. Hughes, I began reading Playing Your “A” Game, and I cannot put it down! I wish we were going to a Blatchford course tomorrow, but alas, we are waiting until October. I haven’t been excited about dentistry for a long time, now, because of you and what Dr. Hughes has learned from you, I am thirsty to learn new techniques, new ways to talk to patients, and how to have fun again!

    Now, I go to work everyday refreshed and excited about what the future holds. I thank Dr. Hughes everyday for the opportunity she has given me and she thanks me right back for the same thing!

    Thank you, Dr. Blatchford, for your knowledge, your vision, and for Dr. Hughes!
    Heather Sarmiento
    Treatment Coordinator at Boulder Valley Dental Center – Louisville, Colorado
  • Jeff Bailey
    Bill’s philosophy and skills of teaching dental sales allow the guests to lead the conversation in their discovery of what is important to them. Bill has taught me to be more intentional and purposeful with sales. His use of video and scripts really produce results.
    Jeff Bailey
    Business Manager at IncredibleSmiles – Boulder, Colorado
  • Dr. Kim Okamura
    Today’s business environment is fraught with many challenges and obstacles. Bill’s coaching will help navigate you and your practice to the level of success you desire. His advice has had a profound effect for us both professionally and personally.
    Dr. Kim Okamura
    Seattle, Washington
  • Dr. Michael Saso
    Staffing issues have always been one of my biggest challenges in practice. Bill has helped me take my employees from a group of seven hard workers who were poorly focused to a team of five with energy, vision, and purpose. They get the big picture and require very little direction from me. The bonus system has really helped them focus on being productive instead of just being busy!

    The topic of sales has historically been a “bad” word in dentistry. We have come to learn about what selling really means in dentistry, and how our patients make decisions on how they spend their discretionary dollars. Bill has helped me, and more importantly my team, understand how selling effectively can take your practice to the next level. The learning and implementation process has been as much fun as learning any new clinical procedure.

    Change was rarely an easy process for me. I would analyze an idea to death, and by the time I was ready to act, the “game” had already changed. Bill has taught me how to be more decisive and proactive. I have got more done in the last year than in the last five years combined.

    Our practice numbers had been trending down for the last three years. I had tried some piecemeal ideas to improve things, but nothing was having a significant impact. Bill’s program covers all areas of practice. Staffing, overhead, scheduling, continuing education, the list goes on. We have tried our best to put it all in action over the last year. We saw significant improvements starting the very first month. We are now working three days a week instead of four, and take eight weeks holidays. Our production is up at least 30% and total overhead is down to 50%.
    Dr. Michael Saso
    Ottowa, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr. Curtis Chan
    After going through your program and implementing systems which you have developed, you helped me renew my vision for my life and dental practice. It is a joy to go to the office each and every day. My great dental team of five outstanding individuals has fun and provides the very best dentistry can offer. We work four days a week and take eight weeks’ vacation. You helped me reduce my overhead and taught me skills to perform ideal dentistry. My practice has been growing every year since I connected with Blatchford Solutions, and I can say it is the best dental decision I have ever made. I now have and live a great life.
    Dr. Curtis Chan
    San Diego, California
  • Dr. Brian Saby
    I have been very fortunate to work with Dr. Blatchford for over 18 years. His guidance and sage business advice has helped to make dentistry both enjoyable and profitable. Following the principles he has taught, I have been able to create the practice that is ideal for me. I continue to work with Dr. Blatchford as I realize the value of having a coach. At age 46, I have achieved my practice goals. I do the type of dentistry I want, I have lots of time for vacations, I live in my dream home, have no debt, and in two years work will be completely optional. Dr. Blatchford’s program is not a “magic bullet.” If you follow his advice and are willing to work hard and sometimes be uncomfortable in mastering new skills, you can have the practice of your dreams. I know, I have one. Thanks, Bill.
    Dr. Brian Saby
    Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
  • Dr. Rhys Spoor
    I began with Dr. Blatchford in 1993 and am still a satisfied and happy client. Bill has the ability to help you look at yourself, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and then formulate a plan for success. The rewards are a happy place to work, extremely satisfied patients, time off, and financial security. Overall, my choice in working with Bill has had the most positive impact of my career.
    Dr. Rhys Spoor
    Seattle, Washington
  • Dr. Tom DeLopez
    After just 12.5 months of Blatchford coaching we have a positive credit balance. Your coaching and my team did it. I was totally hands-off on that. WOW!
    Dr. Tom DeLopez
    Tallahassee, Florida
  • Drs. Jason and Colleen Olitsky
    I truly believe we’ve gotten to where we are now because of Dr. Blatchford. His reading list alone has changed my life. Everyone told us we were crazy to hire a consultant before we actually even opened our first brand new office. But we knew, after hearing Dr. Blatchford speak, that it was worth every penny to start our new business off right. We just opened five weeks ago and had a very successful first month for a start-up practice. We attribute that success to the guidance and motivation we received from Blatchford Solutions. Existing Blatchford clients always say, “I wish I would have done this at your age.” We are so excited about our future in both dentistry and in life!
    Drs. Jason and Colleen Olitsky
    Jacksonville, Florida
  • Mike Briggs DDS
    As a new recipient of Bill Blatchford’s coaching, it has taken our team less than three months to recoup our investment. The program has already helped with team selection, overhead reduction, communication skills, bonus systems, and many other areas of our practice. Morale and profit are up, stress is down, and we are taking more time off. I’m grateful to Bill and his consultant, Nanci Granahan, who came to our office and worked individually with team members to help us get better. She is a terrific person and consummate professional. Thank you, Nanci.
    Mike Briggs DDS
    Mexico, Missouri

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