Kelly McCarthy

Dental Business Consultant

“Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.” -Ken Poirot

Dentistry changed my life at the age of 13 through orthodontia and sparked a passion for helping people achieve healthy, confident smiles! I started in 2004 and joined a Blatchford practice in 2013 as a Business Director. In my 10 years, our practice increased collection by over $1.1 million through principles taught by Blatchford Solutions while taking 13 weeks off and monthly bonuses. As you can imagine, this completely changed my life-work balance and allowed me to work smart and play hard! I’m committed to helping doctors and team members achieve this same level of success through optimizing their day by working intentionally and more efficiently.  Let’s reduce stress, have fun, and enjoy a profitable practice!

I was born a happy optimist and am always looking at the brighter side in life!  I’ve been married to my best friend, Ryan, since 2004. We have two sons- Jackson and Keegan, who are high school athletes in football and track.  We are outdoor enthusiasts and sports junkies, so living in the Phoenix area is the perfect place to soak up all the sunshine or catch a local game. I love cruising the Caribbean!  The water, pace, people, and vibe speak to my soul.

Proven & Trusted Partnerships

Blatchford Solutions works with several leading Dental Companies around North America. These are some of the Partners our clients have enjoyed working together with and have beneficial relationships.