Keri Weron

Dental Business Consultant

I started in dental over 20 years ago. I came into the industry knowing nothing about it. I was given the opportunity by a friend’s dad who was willing to give me a chance. I started working for him and a few years later, I became his practice manager. It was then that Bob found Bill Blatchford and Blatchford Solutions. We became a Blatchford office for the remaining 8 years he was practicing.

Implementing the Blatchford philosophies into the office was one of my primary responsibilities. Bob did not want to be one of those dentists who retired at his desk and showing up for work every day. He sold his practice in 2008 at a premium. It was then that my husband and I moved our girls to Tennessee for his promotion. I started working for Bill Blatchford a few years later and I LOVE every minute of it. I enjoy watching doctors and teams realize how much easier their lives can be, while being financially rewarded with more time off.

When I am not traveling for my offices, you can find me traveling for my youngest daughter’s volleyball games. I am an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan – growing up in the Chicago area I was always going to the games. Since moving to Tennessee, I have started to enjoy being a Predators fan …. unless, of course, they are playing the Hawks.

I love photography and you will usually find a camera in my hand or within arm’s reach. It obviously has rubbed off on my oldest Emily as she is planning on attending UCA for marketing and photography.

Proven & Trusted Partnerships

Blatchford Solutions works with several leading Dental Companies around North America. These are some of the Partners our clients have enjoyed working together with and have beneficial relationships.