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April 29, 2019
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May 13, 2019

Practice Your Passion | Dr. Fern White

On this Blatchford Solutions Podcast episode, we talk with one of the top women in dentistry Dr. Fern White.
Dr. White’s childhood as a refugee in Australia significantly impacted her approach to work early in her career.
After struggling through a stressful start in her practice she realized a need to readjust her approach and re-embrace her passion.
Her practice soared, and now she is able to dedicate time to helping other female dentist and medical professionals re-ignite their passion for their practice.
Listen to this episode to learn more about Dr. White’s journey and her course Practice Your Passion


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Click Here to Download the Transcript of Episode #74 (PDF)


Dr. White :

Practice Your Passion

Twitter: @DrBlatchford

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