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"I cannot say enough positive things about Blatchford Solutions dental coaching. I have a growing, fee for service practice that by all accounts was doing well before I hired Blatchford. Many thought I was a bit crazy for spending the money to hire them when we were doing well. However, I was feeling a little lost as a leader as well as longing for more time off to spend with my family. Christina Blatchford and Nanci Granahan have worked with me to grow my leadership capabilities in ways I couldn’t see on my own. They have also helped me use these leadership skills to create a dental team that shares my vision and values, and then goes a step beyond to perform the skills and behaviors that support these vision and values. We are always a work in progress and I love how Blatchford principals always encourage learning and growing past what we ever thought possible. We are enjoying dentistry again as a team, we are taking more time off as a team, and we are just having way more fun!"

Dr. Randi Green- Springfield, MO

"2018: I am almost done with my coaching program with Dr. Christina Blatchford and Keri Weron. They've helped me structure the hours at my office to be the most productive possible, leading to more dentistry, more production, and more time at home with my babies. My maternity leave was relaxed and stress free this past summer because we had so many systems in place. My entire staff is now cross-trained and we have become a well oiled machine. I see room for even more growth over the years and will continue with Blatchford Solutions from here on out!
2021 Year end update: Even with two pandemic years my team grew our startup to over $1 Million in collections which had been a goal for me from the start of our coaching program. We've still remained as only 3 clinic days and 1/2 admin day per week! Keri and Dr. Christina guided me through team changes and system changes and pushed me educationally as well. I love meeting other Blatchford doctors at CE courses and sharing ideas and support. It's a wonderful family to be a part of!!"

Dr. Amanda McCauley- Bothel, WA

"These guys are the best investment I have made in my dental career. This is taking into account a lot of CE and 2 other big name consultants! Love that they help you with find time for family and clarify the vision for your practice on top of growing your practice."

Dr. Toan Vo- Braselton, GA

"Blatchford Solutions has been a tremendous help navigating the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. They provided great recommendations and resources to help make the best of a difficult situation. With their guidance, they have helped us become nimble in a quickly changing marketplace. I highly recommend their services to any dental practice owner looking for improvement. We are so fortunate to have Blatchford Solutions in our corner. You should too."

Dr. Daniel Yeager- Richmond, VA