The Blatchford Platinum Program coaches you and your team to master sales conversations. As the Doctor reaches new goals, the valuable team members are also compensated with bonus and more time off. This helps create an accountable team who are self-motivated to learn newer skills and to work efficiently.

The Platinum Program of Blatchford Solutions is absolutely committed to quality of life for dentists. Perhaps you are finding your office life is taking precedence over your own time and family time. You are still trying to find balance. You feel you are working for the practice, and you want the practice to work for you!
We find dentists want more time, and they want more net return. It sounds like an oxymoron to say you can have both more time and more money, but it is true.
Blatchford Doctors reduce days in the office by 40-60days per year. How would that impact you and your family?
Blatchford Solutions is committed to being more efficient and effective with your time to help you produce more in less time. In the first 12 months, Blatchford doctors increase their net return by $100K which more than pays for the Blatchford fee.

The Blatchford Connection Program

Upon completion of the Platinum program, by invitation only, you will be offered the opportunity to join our connection program. For a monthly fee, you will continue to benefit from the Platinum program

Blatchford Transitions
If you are a senior Doctor preparing for retirement or are you looking to purchase a practice? 
Blatchford Transitions will help.

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"We are commited to the sucess of every dentist. You deserve a great practice... and a great life."

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