wants our clients to be well-informed and well-advised through our services. We have based our programs upon the wisdom provided by decades of hands-on experience in the business side of the dental profession, and we believe that our wealth of practical knowledge is the cornerstone of our educational value to our clients. Blatchford Solutions can provide custom coaching, consulting, and guidance for management strategies as well as several other options and resources for our clients. All of our programs are designed to give you the right tools of wisdom, motivation, and guidance to achieve personal success and fulfillment.

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Blatchford Solutions delivers years of insight at your fingertips.

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Join Drs. Bill and Christina on their web show, Mornings 

with Blatchford, where they discuss strategies for a more successful dental practice.

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goal setting, and much more.


The team at Blatchford Solutions has written extensively about numerous concerns that our clients have communicated to us. In our article archive and in forthcoming pieces, we'll be sure to address your issues and present working solutions to the challenges you face. Many of the topics that we have written about include: 

Enhancing your profitability, Increasing your net, and Cutting your overhead. 

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