A Dental Coach takes Time and Effort
April 22, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Get Through the Day with a Dental Coach

If getting through the day is just as hard as getting up in the morning it’s time to make some changes. A good dental coach looks at your entire dental practice to determine where your shortcomings are.

Blatchford Solutions has helped thousands of dentists all over North America fall in love with dentistry again. Using simple tried and true dental management systems, Dr. Bill Blatchford, Dr. Christina Blatchford and the entire team, want you and your practice to succeed.

A Dental Coach for Establishing Goals

If you can’t remember why you became a dentist, you haven’t been loyal to your goals. You obviously had tremendous goals when you went into dental school. As a result, some get burned out. Because of this, some dentists lose sight of the real reason they became a dentist.

If your goal was to become proficient at cosmetic dentistry, but you have been focusing more on restorative dentistry because of patient request, it’s time to look at your patient base and focus on why you became a dentist in the first place.

Dental coaching helps you re-establish those goals putting you in the right frame of mind to make your dental practice work for you.

A Dental Coach for Transformation

Most people have a difficult time with change. Whether it is your dental hygienist, another team member, or you yourself having a difficult time, change, when done the right way is a positive thing.

Blatchford Solutions make the transformation easy with dental management systems that are put in place to help you and your practice succeed. This takes time and effort. The greatest dental coach in the world won’t be able to help you if you aren’t willing to make the change and do your homework.

Some dental coaching firms don’t work with the entire team, instead focusing on the doctor and his systems. For systems to work everyone must be onboard to take advantage of dental management systems from Blatchford Solutions.

A Dental Coach Works with the Whole Practice

Blatchford Solutions have created dental management systems and free online tools that work for everyone on your team. With a bonus system and block booking, to name just a few, you and your team will be ready to take on the world with a new respect for dentistry. As a result, your team will work harder and be happy about it.

It’s never been easier to turn your dental practice around. From Blatchford in a Box to Mornings with Bill and free Podcasts you’ll have everything you need to put the fire back into your dental practice.

Blatchford Solutions also provides Blatchford Doctors, and dentists who haven’t yet committed to a dental coach with free e-books and an affordable paperback sharing the 7 Principles of Highly Profitable Dentists.

A Dental Coach is More Affordable than you Think

If you think you can’t afford a dental coach, think again. Blatchford doctors are reaping the rewards and have long since paid for dental coaching services. Blatchford doctors are working fewer days for more money, enjoying more vacation time and loving the practice of dentistry again. When you listen to the testimonials you will learn why.

When you factor in the rewards that come with dental coaching you will wonder why you hadn’t hired a dental coach before. Doctors who have been in the program for some time and doctors who are just starting dental practice management systems with Blatchford Solutions will tell you they wish that they had started sooner.

Why Dental Coaching Helps Patients

Dental coaching does wonders for your practice, but it also helps patients. Patients are what make your dental practice successful. If you don’t have patients, or you have patients who aren’t making you any money, it’s time to reevaluate your dental practice.

Blatchford Solutions will help you weed out the patients that are doing more harm than good. The team will rebuild your practice. This leads to a strong patient base that wants what you have to offer.

With a structured dental management system in place, your patients will be better informed. Firstly, there will be no more missed appointment reminders. Secondly you won’t have an hour or more on your hands because someone forgets to record the cancellation. A well-oiled machine keeps everyone happy, even your patients. As a result, those patients will spread the word increasing your dental flow.

Blatchford Solutions for the Right Fit

Finding a dental coach that fits your personal and professional style doesn’t have to be difficult. Blatchford Solutions makes it easy to learn dental management systems that work for you, your team, and your patients.

With Blatchford Solutions, you will become excited about dentistry again. Call or click and make an appointment with a team member from Blatchford Solutions today.

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