Delegating for Work and Home
December 5, 2016
Why Delegating is Essential for Home and Work
December 12, 2016

Mentors for Positive Inspiration


Dr. Bill Blatchford at memorial plaque honoring one of his high school mentors, J. B. Thomas, the agriculture teacher. He shared electricity, plumbing, welding, public speaking, judging, budgets, leadership and so much more.

Mentors, it is fascinating to hear people share who or what inspired them to choose a path in life. It amazes me to discover it is often a few words or short conversations with someone who demonstrates passion on the subject being discussed.

We are all mentors when we share our opinions. They can be positive and passionate which help inspire. Your words can also be negative with passion causing opinions to form without any personal experience.

One never knows when your words will make a difference. I am amazed when people say to me, “What you said about twenty years ago, really made a difference to me.” I always wonder why something is heard at a particular time.

You can encourage children and young people to look at dentistry as the best profession ever. I always wonder what has been discussed at home when a dentist’s children do not follow. Are your conversations consistently negative about a patient, staff member or treatments that did not produce?

Think back about your conversations with your children and other young people and make your work a positive experience. Dentistry is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet allowing a doctor to spend time with his or her family. Mentor your children as your mentors have guided you and you just may have an aspiring new dentist in the family.

Everyone can be a mentor as long as the conversations remain positive and uplifting.

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