Dental Cash Flow with Blatchford Solutions
Dental Cash Flow with Blatchford Solutions
November 25, 2019
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December 15, 2019

Dental Coaching for Each and Every One of You

Dental Coaching for Each and Every One of You

Dental coaching is the best thing you can do for your dental practice whether you are just starting out, or getting ready to retire. Every dentist can benefit from dental coaching, as it is continued education for the business side of dentistry.

Dental Coaching Streamlines your Practice

Every dental practice should run like clockwork, if it doesn’t it loses time and money. A dental practice without structure causes chaos and confusion, not to mention a large turnover in both employees and patients.

While some dental practices do a great job of covering up their lack of dental management systems, that covering up will eventually catch up with them.

Blatchford Solutions dental coaching team has the experience you and your practice need to help you stop covering up your lack of knowledge when it comes to the business side of dentistry.

Dental Practice Management Solutions

Dr. Bill Blatchford and his daughter Dr. Christina Blatchford are dedicated to Blatchford Solutions. Thanks to their combined dental practice experience, well over 60 years, the Blatchford Solutions has streamlined dental practices with simple and easy to learn dental practice management programs.

When you choose to work with Blatchford Solutions, your entire practice will be evaluated to determine where your shortcomings are with custom-made dental practice management programs that are suited to you and your team.

Custom Made Dental Practice Management Programs

Every program designed by the team from Blatchford Solutions is custom made to suit the dental practice. Each practice is different; Dr. Bill, Dr. Christina Blatchford and the rest of the team understand those differences by creating custom-made management systems that best suit your dental practice.

The Blatchford dental coaching systems work. Just ask the thousands of Blatchford Doctors who have become successful, or more successful. All the did was incorporate block booking, cross training and other dental management systems into the mix. Those doctors enjoy more time off while making more money.

The Blatchford Solutions Formula is Amazing

A dental coach uses formulas to determine what is and isn’t working. Based on knowledge, the coaches from Blatchford Solutions will work with you and your team.  From the morning huddle to the afternoon run down you and your team will begin to understand how easy it is. Because you really will work smarter and not harder.

One of the biggest bonuses you will receive when you become a Blatchford Doctor is more time and more money. It may seem impossible at first, but dental practices who work with the coaches from Blatchford Solutions are working three or four day work weeks while making just as much if not more when they were working five or six days a week.

More than Just Dental Coaching

At Blatchford Solutions, you are treated like family. Every Blatchford Doctor has reaped the rewards and more after taking continued education for the business side of dentistry. Just like the technical side of dentistry, the business side of dentistry sets you apart from the rest as long as it is done the right way.

If you have been considering a dental coach, why not take the next step with Blatchford Solutions. You will soon realize why Blatchford Solutions really is the best dental coaching firm on the planet. Call for more information regarding dental coaching with Blatchford Solutions today.

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