Leadership and Coaching Team Decisions
Leadership and Coaching Team Decisions
November 17, 2019
Dental Cash Flow with Blatchford Solutions
Dental Cash Flow with Blatchford Solutions
November 25, 2019

Dental Coaching helps you Get Through It

Dental Coaching helps you Get Through It

Every profession has its highs and lows. However, when you are trained in all aspects of dentistry, including the business side of dentistry, you are continuing your education and that is where dental coaching comes in. 

A lot of doctors that start out aren’t prepared for the business side of dentistry. Some may take the practice they are buying for granted, while others are just to busy with the technical aspects of dentistry.

Dental Coaching Streamlines your Dental Practice

Dentists that start off working 5 or even six days a week think it’s the standard and a normal part of owning a business. However, if you work with a dental coach from Blatchford Solutions you quickly learn that isn’t the case.

The dental management programs designed by Dr. Bill Blatchford and his daughter Dr. Christina Blatchford help you live a full and complete life. You became a dentist because you were passionate about it and you wanted to enjoy a better life for both you and your family. However, working five or even six days a week probably wasn’t part of the equation.

Dental Practice Management Systems for Your Business

All dental practices are different and require dental practice management systems that reflect the doctor and the team. From sales to front and back office tasks, you and the team have to work like clockwork from the beginning to the end of the day. For example, if a patient calls in at the last minute you want to fill that space. Unfortunately, if there are no systems in place it will most likely go unfilled.

Lost appointments mean lost time and lost money. Blatchford Solutions has the tools and the experience to show you how to deal with last minute cancellations. Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford, the founders of the dental coaching firm, have even produced free podcasts showing you how to deal with last minute cancellations, including getting rid of those patients who are constantly cancelling appointments.

Blatchford for All Dental Practice Management Solutions

The best solutions come from dental coaches who have been there and done that. Nothing speaks louder than experience. The dental coaches have taken the not so positive and the positive creating dental practice management systems that really do work.

Block booking is a perfect example of the perfect workday. When done correctly, block booking can change your entire workweek. Block booking helps you work fewer days for more money. Just imagine working three or four days a week. It really is possible to enjoy your life with dental practice management systems from Blatchford Solutions.

Incorporating block booking into your dental management streamlines everything you do. When you use block booking you are allowing your team to add more tasks to the workday, including cross training and selling.

Selling Makes for a Happy Team

Some team members may not be keen to sell products and services, especially if there really isn’t anything but a pat on the back in return. Selling professional tooth whitening or CEREC® instead of a traditional crown is more enticing when incentive is involved. Bonus systems rev up the team and your earnings as bonus systems entice everyone.

If you are one of those dentists that believe selling is part of the overall job description think again. Bonusing your team will increase your earnings and help you sell services that are normally hard to move. Teamwork is awesome when you include the bonus system in the mix. Patients that ask for dentures may not be that easy to convert to dental implants, especially if additional surgery is needed. When you have the Blatchford Solutions bonus system in place, your team will be more apt to go the extra mile.

Blatchford Solutions Changes Lives

Everyone on the team will benefit with a dental coach. Dental coaching with the team from Blatchford Solutions literally changes lives. Just listen and read the testimonials from Blatchford Doctors. Every single one of them will tell you they wished they had tried dental coaching with Blatchford Solutions earlier.

Because Blatchford Solutions team are or have been practicing dentists, you are being mentored by the best. Dr. Bill Blatchford has been in the industry for more than 40 years and loves mentoring dentists regardless of where they are in their careers. Joined by his daughter Christina Blatchford DDS, who became a dentist and is now partnering with her Dad in all ventures, including the Digital Dentistry Institute, the team understands everything there is about the business of dentistry.

Dental Coaching for a New Outlook on Life

Dental coaching is for everyone. Call and schedule a no obligation consultation with a team member from Blatchford Solutions and change your life today.

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