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July 25, 2016
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With Blatchford Dental Coaching, we do our best to remind our clients how important it is to teach everyone basic life skills. The fine art of balancing a checkbook or sewing on a button has certainly changed with 40 percent of college students not knowing how to boil an egg opting instead to order take out or hit the drive through for fast food.

I recently saw a Facebook post where kids today do not know how to do basic things such as changing a tire or mowing a lawn. We are failing to teach kids basic life skills. We need more home economics, sewing and cooking classes, and financial literacy classes. Kids need to know how to balance a checkbook before leaving the house, most probably have no idea what a checkbook even is.

These days you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone on a phone. Walk into a restaurant and if it weren’t for the background music, the eatery would be silent as everyone has their head in their phone always looking down instead of up talking with dinner companions.

I recently read a Facebook post about a woman who would play a game when dining out. All phones in the middle of the table during the entire meal, from the minute they sat down. If anyone picked up a phone, they picked up the tab as well.

Texting is another issue. I have another friend whose two teenage son’s text each other while sitting on the couch together.

Parenting magazine lists 12 basic life skills that every kid should know before high school.

  • Make meals
  • Pack own lunches
  • Cooking basics
  • Time management-Wake themselves up
  • Laundry
  • Pump gas
  • Pitch in and help
  • Pack their own bag
  • Order at restaurants
  • Talk to strangers
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Plan an outing
  • Take public transportation

Kids can be admitted to medical school, but don’t have the basic life skills of knowing how to do their own laundry? Does that seem odd to anyone but me?

Blatchford Dental Coaching can help you with your dental practice, especially when it comes to the basics of dental practice management, call or click and schedule a no obligation dental management consulting appointment today.

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