Dr. Melko Podcast

Dr. Christina Blatchford’s Interview with Dr. Shamiram Melko of Sunnyvale, CA

Below are the podcast show notes:

1: 45 – Dr Melko shares how she was either going OON or quitting dentistry

3:49 – Dr Melko shares her quantum leap on Deserve Level and how it inspired her to share her vision, profitability and numbers with her team

8:05 – Advice to dentists who struggle with life-work balance

9:05 – The importance of having very specific practice goals

11:08 – How to go from a PPO Mindset to doing consistently larger cases

12:00 – How going OON gives you more time to build relationships with patients

12:42 – How embracing an Abundant Mindset and creating value is vital to going OON

17:25 – Attracting patients who value our dentistry over their insurance

19:35 – Overcoming the fear of raising your fees

21:25 – Highly effective role-playing strategies for comprehensive dentistry

27:34 – Improving case presentation with more efficient AM and PM huddles

30:28 – Powerful right-brain strategies to discover what’s most important to a patient

32:32– Proven All-on-X case and implant case presentation strategy to segment who is a true candidate

34:15 – Streamlining patient appointments by listening more and talking less

38:40 – Financial conversations that center on what each patient wants

45:06 – Maximizing the structure of new patient appointments