It’s crucial to ask about the ROI when considering hiring a coach or consultant. Many coaching programs focus on gross income, emphasizing how much they can gross or the number of new patients. However, we have always centered our program on net income. We track progress on a monthly basis, emphasizing that it’s not just about gross income; net income is what truly matters.

We’ve had clients who didn’t need to increase their gross income but were able to double their net income within the first 12 months of our program. Now, with our program extended to 18 months, we consistently see double or even triple net income. Clients typically achieve an ROI of two to three dollars for every dollar invested during the first 18 months, and this increase continues throughout their career.

Some clients have experienced the equivalent of a 10-to-1 return. For example, one recent client, after working with us, increased their practice’s gross income from $750,000 to $2 million, with approximately 70% of that additional million contributing directly to their bottom line.

And finally, when considering the extra free time our clients gain, while not quantifiable in dollars, it is equally important. Doubling the time you have for family, hobbies, and enjoying life is often more valuable than financial gains.