No one likes selling dentistry and in fact we don’t like selling dentistry traditionally because what that implies is that we are pushing dentistry onto patients and so what we are really focusing on is having our team ask questions to the patient to find out and really discover what is the patient’s why.  

Once we find out what’s motivating the patient, we go even further to find out what is the emotional motivation.

For instance, when a patient expresses their desire to keep their teeth for a lifetime, we respond by asking them why it’s essential to them. We diligently train your team to feel at ease while asking such questions and discovering the patients’ genuine preferences. This approach represents a paradigm shift away from traditional sales tactics that patients often find pushy.

It transforms the patient-provider relationship into more of a partnership, focused on understanding their desires. Furthermore, our bonus system significantly boosts team motivation in this regard. We actively collaborate with your team, providing training on asking the right questions and related strategies.