We love this question because, as dentists, we don’t receive training in leadership during our dental education. There simply isn’t enough time for it. When we transition into private practice, suddenly, we are expected to be leaders. 

We firmly believe that leadership is something that can be developed, not just something you’re born with. We invest significant time and energy in helping you become the best leader you can be because strong leadership is crucial for a successful dental office. However, we’re not looking for dictators; our goal is to cultivate leaders who empower team members to think like business owners and make the right decisions within the practice. 

Tom Peters once said that most businesses are under-led and over-managed, and we aim to flip that narrative by creating strong dental practice owners who lead with a clear vision. Good leadership reduces the need for micromanagement. A great leader can inspire team members to excel in their roles, fostering longevity and a sense of ownership among the team.

During our program, we emphasize behavior, much like we teach our children appropriate behavior. The same applies to adults; there are behaviors that work and those that don’t, especially when it comes to leadership. So, when someone says, “I’m not a good leader,” our response is that they haven’t chosen to behave like a leader up to this point. Changing behavior and emulating leaders you admire is the key. 

Ultimately, leadership is about behavior, and it’s a choice that you can make.