We’ve extensively studied how people make decisions, a process that heavily relies on emotions and the right brain. Every decision, whether it’s about breakfast choices or more significant matters, starts with an emotional, right brain-driven choice.

The left brain’s role is to gather data to support and justify that initial emotional decision.  The left brain, responsible for details and data, doesn’t actually make decisions. Instead, it gathers data to validate the initial emotional decision made by the right brain.

In dentistry, it’s crucial to engage the patient’s right brain by having conversations that resonate emotionally.  When discussing complex cases, like a 10-unit veneer case for a patient’s daughter’s upcoming wedding, it’s essential to address their right brain, which is driven by emotions.

We can help you learn how to effectively engage both the right and left brain during these conversations. Understanding which side of the brain you’re interacting with at any given moment is a valuable skill we can help you develop.