Dental Coaching Webinars

With our many years of combined experience as dental professionals, consultants, and coaches, you can imagine that we have seen a lot, done a lot, and helped people overcome a lot. We want to share this information about practice management, dental industry trends, and patient concerns with you in as many ways possible. That's why we have regular dental practice manager courses and webinars, which allow us to exchange ideas and get into lively, informative discussions that will motivate, inspire, and instruct.

Hours of Wisdom Waiting for You

Our webinars cover a broad range of topics related to practice management, dental care excellence, and various means of increasing profitability and efficiency. We speak to many other dentists and dental professionals in order for them to share their knowledge with you as well.

We don't mince words and we don't beat around the bush. We speak to each other from the heart and from experience, and we give this wisdom to you in the hopes that you can use this in your daily life, both professionally and personally. By engaging with each other and speaking about our own challenges and triumphs, we will provide working, real-world examples of how to manage your dental practice successfully with profitability and ultimate fulfillment in mind.

Here is a small sample of what Blatchford Solutions Premium Access has to offer:

Smile Reminder Patient Engagement - Video

Smile Reminder Patient Engagement - Audio

Dr. Greenman's Career Audio

A Game Series- Dr. Gallon