Blatchford Solutions wants our clients to be well-informed and well-advised through our services. We have based our programs upon the wisdom provided by decades of hands-on experience in the business side of the dental profession and we believe that our wealth of practical knowledge is the cornerstone of our educational value to our clients. Blatchford Solutions can provide custom coaching, consulting and guidance for management strategies as well as several other options and resources for our clients. All of our programs are designed to give you the right tools of wisdom, motivation and guidance to achieve personal success and fulfillment.

Exclusive Video, Audio, and Print Resources

A member of the Blatchford Solutions team will be happy to discuss your needs in order to help you unlock your practice’s potential. Highly skilled dental consultants can provide additional guidance and reference options for our clients to choose a path to greater success in their practices. The choices range from dental practice management seminars, informative videos, educational audio presentations, as well as a wide array of articles and documents that are specifically designed to help improve any dental practice.

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Meet Drs. Bill Blatchford and Christina Blatchford in Person

Drs. Bill and Christina Blatchford travel the globe to address conferences, meetings and seminars that are dedicated to helping dental professionals improve their practices. They have very busy schedules so there is a good chance that you may encounter the team at a future forum or conference. We have a calendar of events that may provide you with an opportunity to attend one of his speaker engagements and learn first- hand from their combined years of successful dental practice and coaching.

Mornings with Blatchford - A Dental Coaching Web Series

You may be unable to catch Bill or Christina in person, so we are pleased to provide an online way to catch up with them. Mornings with Blatchford is a regular web series that provides food for thought and pearls of wisdom delivered by Bill and Christina in their own unique and entertaining fashions.

Each webisode will discuss an important topic related to management skills that may improve the way that you manage your dental practice. Bill has been in your shoes because he is an actual dentist who began his own journey many years ago and understands your world from a colleague’s perspective as well as a business consultant’s.

Christina is a dentist in her own right, and shares her insight, experience, and knowledge with thousands of dentists who want to better their personal and professional lives.

As co-producer of the popular web series, Mornings with Blatchford, Christina, along with her father Dr. Bill Blatchford, create powerful content that yields results for every dental practice.

The web broadcast series also connects Bill and Christina with the audience via Twitter to determine the direction of the next webisode topic.

The web broadcast series also connects Bill and Christina with the audience via Twitter to determine the direction of the next webisode topic.