Dr. Kim Okamura | Dentist Coach

I have been in the dental field for 43+ years, starting out as a chairside assistant.  Immediately purchased a small practice out of dental school in 1987.  During my growth and evolution with the Blatchford Solutions Family, my personal and professional vision has become a reality. I acquired and merged two additional practices, moved to a new location, and completed a build-out.  I love my team members who have grown with me.

I am motivated by several items:  curiosity, the ever-present question, “What if?”  My go-to response was, “How can I …”—my top motivation: family.  I am blessed beyond measure to be a beneficiary of Bill and his team’s coaching.  It’s difficult to imagine what life would have been without the Blatchford Family.

And now, it is time to pay it forward. I am honored to lend support to the quality of life you so richly deserve.