Brad Braman | Dentist Coach

I was born into a family of dentists so it seems inevitable, right? Fortunately I was encouraged to explore and never got any pressure to be a dentist. I chose dentistry because it's just plain fun and the people are fascinating.

My Father joined Blatchford Solutions when I was in high school. The thing that struck me quickly was that all of a sudden he had a lot more time to spend with our family and the funds to play!

Shortly after I bought my practice I joined Blatchford Solutions as a client because I knew first hand how well the system would work to help my Wife and me have the lifestyle we want and the practice of my dreams. Although I am no longer practicing, as a Blatchford doctor coach I truly enjoy helping other doctors fulfill their dreams of the life they want and the practice to support it.

In my free time I enjoy most anything outdoors. Fishing and devices with motors and wheels are my go-to hobbies.

In 2016 I earned a MBA in Healthcare Management and what I discovered is that what I learned with Blatchford solutions as a client is a functional MBA in Dental Practice Leadership.

I am truly passionate about helping other doctors explore to find what they want for their life and then helping them design the practice to support it.

It is the focus on "life first" that drew me to Blatchford Solutions as a client. and now it is a privilege to be able to help my colleagues find and obtain their dreams as a Doctor Coach.