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PACKED with real stories from the top dentists sharing exactly what they are doing to attract the BEST NEW PATIENTS in their area.

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Read about REAL dentists, men and women, who have truly CRACKED THE CODE on NEW PATIENTS, ALL THE BEST SYSTEMS...and these are the MOST PROFITABLE DENTISTS IN THEIR MARKET.

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  • The Top-Performing New Patient Systems that Are Working to Attract the Best New Patients In Your Market
  • Systems and Strategies for Lowering your Overhead RIGHT NOW
  • The best New Patient Systems that Are Working to Attract the Best New Patients In Your Market
  • How to Niche Your Dental Practice and be the # 1 AUTHORITY in:
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Implants
  • Cosmetic
  • Sedation
  • These Are Doctors Dominating Their Areas In These Niches And They Share EVERYTHING!
  • What the Top Women Dentists Are Doing That You Are Not
  • The 7 Mistakes Most Dentists Make When Buying or Selling a Practice...Or Adding An Associate
  • How to Improve Every System in Your Practice...From Marketing to Sales and Case Presentation to Collections

“I just placed my second implant this morning. Why haven’t I been doing this for the last 20 years? Amazing what talented coaches, a willing doctor and motivated team can accomplish together.

My team is ridiculously more efficient and I’m enjoying more time off than I ever imagined possible. And the Blatchford System has made all of this a reality.”

Dr. Roy Thompson – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

"Dr. Blatchford has changed my practice to move towards more efficiency and productivity. Working three days a week has given me more time to work with my team and manage the business, thus, providing our patients with better customer service and dentistry.

I am now working almost 100 less clinical days, and my net profit has more than tripled. More importantly, the Blatchford System has helped me prioritize my life so that I have more time with my beautiful wife and my amazing children."

Dr. Carson Kutsch - Albany, Oregon

"We joined Blatchford Solutions 20 months ago and have never been happier! We now operate as a team, where before we were just a staff. Everyone enjoys how we offer treatment to our patients, the added time off, and the added financial incentives as well. The coaching staff is always available for questions and assistance. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Gregory Keene – Lafayette, CO

"I’m the biggest skeptic in the world and WOW was I wrong! Deciding to work with Blatchford Solutions was the best business decision I’ve ever made. Call them today if you want to make more and work less!"

Dr. Scott Studerus – Belfair, WA

"Before working with Dr. Blatchford, I was stressed out. And I was very inefficient. Today dentistry is A LOT more fun…and A LOT more profitable. I went from 3 weeks off to 9 weeks off and I’m extremely happy! If you want to be a better dentist, pick up the phone right now and call Dr. Blatchford. Don’t delay your happiness!"

Dr. Craig Jolley – Maple Valley, WA