Blatchford DDI is a community of members from both Blatchford Solutions and Digital Dentistry Institute. This Closed Facebook Group is by invitation or request only.

We have an amazing group of dentists that have taken, and continue to take, an incredible amount of advanced Continuing Education. Because there is diversity in the different courses our Doctors have taken, along with real world experience in our offices, there will be different ways of doing things, and it is the difference that we would like to embrace with the continued goal of advancement. We will see things that we may not have thought about, but encourage all participants to open their eyes up to other possibilities on how to do things, with the purpose of advancing the quality of our patient care.

Digital Dentistry Institute:

The Digital Dentistry Institute will conduct its programs for the ultimate benefit of the dental profession and the public by providing exceptional education programs globally designed to train and guide its participants to provide the highest possible quality of care in the field of advanced comprehensive dentistry and related fields with state-of-the-art, technologically relevant, online, and hands-on training for the dentist and dental personnel.

For more information on the Digital Dentistry Institute, visit their website.

Upcoming Live Events:
Nailing the Anterior Implant Restoration: Planning to Execution - Dr. Courtney Lavigne
10/26/2018, 9 AM PST

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