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November 4, 2019
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Dental Coaching with a Professional from Blatchford Solutions

Continued education is essential regardless of your career, but it is especially important if you are a dentist. With dental technology, rapidly changing CE is part of the job. However, it isn’t just the technical side that requires continued education.

Dental practice management is something that everyone should be on top of. Management systems from Blatchford Solutions make the business side of dentistry much easier to handle which is precisely why you need dental coaching.

Dental Coaching with the Professionals

Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford are practicing dentists and dental brokers who get the business of dentistry. With over 40 years in the dental world, you can bet they have tried and true dental practice management systems that 1000’s of dentists all over North America have put into practice.

The team from Blatchford Solutions has fun with dental practice management, but it’s not just the doctor who reaps the rewards. Unlike some dental coaching firms, Blatchford Solutions teaches everyone the business side of dentistry, not just the doctor.

Becoming a Blatchford Doctor is Lucrative

Dental coaching is continued education for the business side of dentistry, but it also makes you more money. It’s true that Blatchford Doctors work fewer days for more money, which may sound impossible at first. However, once you and your team learn the dental practice management systems, you will be working three or four days a week instead of five or six.

Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford created the bonus system for dental practices and their teams. This system makes it easy for you and your team to sell products and services. When a team member convinces a patient to go ahead and have that mouth makeover, he or she will be rewarded for it. After your dental coaching sessions with Blatchford Solutions are completed, everyone will be excited to sell because they are getting a bonus at the end of every month.

Dental Coaching Works

One of the biggest questions dentists ask before they sign up for dental coaching with Blatchford Solutions is, “Am I coachable?” According to the team from Blatchford Solutions, everyone is coachable. Even doctors who are less than anxious to take advice or instruction learn quickly that they are very coachable.

Blatchford Solutions makes dental coaching fun. While you and your team must work at it and do your homework, it’s still a lot of fun to be coached by Dr. Bill Blatchford, Dr. Christina Blatchford and the rest of the team. You and your team will become closer and learn how to work with each other. Those tried and true dental practice management systems really do work.

Dental Coaching for Everyone

Regardless of where you are in your career, you can still benefit from dental coaching. If you are a new dentist just opening a new practice, dental coaching will help you learn systems. Those systems will benefit you and your practice until you retire. If you are a dentist who is considering retirement in the next few years, dental coaching will help you sell your practice for more. That in itself is a real attraction when it comes time to sell your dental practice.

Unfortunately, some dentists who are about to retire are unable to because they are not making what they should and are working far too many days a week. Blatchford Solutions Dental Practice Management Programs help your dental practice and your team work fewer days for more money.

Becoming a Blatchford Doctor

Becoming a Blatchford Doctor is exciting. Even after your coaching sessions, you are still part of the Blatchford family. In fact, some Blatchford Doctors have gone on to become dental coaches working with Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford.

One of the biggest advantages of dental coaching with Blatchford Solutions is tools. With Blatchford Solutions, you can watch free videos and podcasts, and read free E-books. The Blatchford’s make it easy to learn dental management systems.

Become a Blatchford Doctor Today

If you would like more information regarding dental practice management, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with a team member from Blatchford Solutions. Dental coaching is more affordable than you think and a must for your continued education.

Call for a no obligation dental coaching consultation today.

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