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October 7, 2019
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October 14, 2019

Top Women in Dentistry | An Interview with Dr. Daniela Eversgerd

In today’s podcast, Dr. Blatchford talks with Dr. Daniela Eversgerd who has been ranked as the 2019 top dentist in New Orleans Magazine. 

Learn why she chose dentistry, and how she built her practice while raising three kids. 

Being able to juggle a practice, and family life is a difficult task but Dr. Eversgerd has been able to find the systems and Life-Work Balance to make it happen. 

One of the keys she discusses is creating and running a solid team. 

Another major topic of this episode is how she was able to create this practice from scratch in a new neighborhood. 

Tune in to learn even more about the great practice Dr. Eversgerd has created.


Dr. Daniela Eversgerd

Twitter: @DrBlatchford

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