Why Sleep Apnea Matters to Dentists Interview with Dr. Steven Greenman
Why Sleep Apnea Matters to Dentists | Interview with Dr. Steven Greenman
September 5, 2019
Keeping Your Systems Updated
Keeping Your Systems Updated
September 12, 2019

Dental Coaching For the Big Win

Dental Coaching For the Big Win

Dental coaching is a lot like football, it takes a strong coach to win. 

Fall is in the air and so is Football. Coaches and their teams are gearing up for a season of wins with no losses. However, if you are a fan of football, or any other sport for that matter, you understand it takes a good coach to get the team to the playoffs. Come February 2020 the teams that had the strongest coaching teams behind them will be playing in the Super Bowl.

Dental Coaching and Football

If you follow Dr. Bill Blatchford, you will know that the dental coach is a fan of the biggest sport in America. Both Dr. Blatchford and his daughter Dr. Christina Blatchford started Blatchford Solutions to help dentists and their teams play big and win bigger. While in most sports, it’s all about playing hard, that is not the case on the dental playing field. When you work with Blatchford Solutions you’ll work smarter, not harder.

Because Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina are both practicing dentists, they understand what it takes to get the dental team to the end zone. Because using tried and true dental practice management systems in addition to dental coaching, every dentist who becomes a Blatchford Doctor wins, and wins big.

One of the biggest wins for a Blatchford Doctor is a healthy balance between his or her personal and professional life. If you are that dentist that is working 5 or sometimes 6 days a week it’s time to see what others have to say about Blatchford Solutions.

Dental Coaching with a System that Works

Like a football coach’s playbook, the tools used by the Blatchford Solutions team are made for everyone, not just the doctor. In short, if a team member encroaches on the play or interferes with the dental management system, that play is dead. Just like football, encroachment is an issue in the dental world as well. Being offside’s is another problem in both football and dentistry.

If your team has not been cross-trained, problems occur. If your receptionist hasn’t been trained to perform other tasks, it will affect the workday. A penalty ensues if any football player is offside with any body part before play begins. The same can be said about dentistry.

Cross training is an essential part of the business of dentistry. The solutions offered by Blatchford are streamlined and efficient because everyone is on the same page and understands the play.

Timing is an Essential Part of the Game

Like everything in life, timing is crucial. Think about the decisions you’ve made and you’ll realize that timing was the key.

For example, had you not been in Chicago when you met your wife at the dental conference, you would still be a bachelor. The same can be said about dentistry. If your team isn’t sticking to the schedule your entire day will be out of whack.

Just like football if there is a delay during the workday, there will be penalties to pay. For instance, if the receptionist forgot to log a cancellation into your antiquated booking system everyone will have time too much time on his or her hands.

The dental management systems from Blatchford Solutions make things simple. From the morning huddle to the wind down at the end of the day, everything is coordinated for a seamless workday.

Dental Coaching Ties Things Together

Without a coaching team, the Rams wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl. The Blatchford Solutions team coaches you and your team to a winning season with dental marketing systems that are simple to learn and even easier to put into play. As a result, they team wins.

Firstly, practicing systems and role-playing is just like football. Secondly, the players must learn and practice what they’ve been taught. If they don’t nothing will fall into place.

Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford and the entire Blatchford Solutions team are committed to a win for your dental practice. Each dental practice management system is tailored to fit your practice. Because every practice is different, it takes a team of skilled dental coaches to design a custom-made solution to suit your needs. You will never be treated like a number when it comes to your Blatchford Solution.

A Simple Plan for a Winning Season and Beyond

With Blatchford Solutions, you’ll have a simple plan and playbook that your dental coach will share with you and your team. Just ask the thousands of dentists all over North America about Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina and they won’t stop talking and neither will you when you become a Blatchford Doctor.

If you are tired of not making it to the playoffs, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with a dental coach from Blatchford Solutions. Dental coaching works.

Call for a consultation today.

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