Breaking Barriers that Limit Access to Healthcare
Breaking Barriers that Limit Access to Healthcare
September 12, 2019
Vision and Purpose with Matt Bassitt
Vision and Purpose with Matt Bassitt
September 18, 2019

CE Continued Dental Practice Education for Business

A Professional Dental Coach for the Entire Team

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CE, short for continued education, is vital for every profession. General contractors require additional education as do doctors, lawyers, and plumbers. If a new product or service is made available to the public, people committed to those industries must be trained. The same is true with dentistry.

Every time the ADA and the FDA approve a new machine, doctors need to be educated about the product and the service. Products that have upgraded will also need CE. Everything requires continued education, including the business side of dentistry.

CE for Business Dentistry

Some dentists are not very good at the business side of dentistry using old systems that are outdated and antiquated. Dr. Bill Blatchford and his daughter Dr. Christina Blatchford started Blatchford Solutions to help dentists enjoy their craft while perfecting the business side of dentistry using CE.

Dental practices that are not learning new ways of marketing along with CE are losing patients.

Reminder phone calls are still important, but so are email and text messages. If you do not have dental management systems in place, patients can get too many reminder calls or none at all. Blatchford Solutions dental management programs are designed to streamline your business so you can get back to doing what you love.

Blatchford Solutions for Real Dental Management CE

One of the biggest issues practicing dentists face is leadership. For some doctors it is tough to take on the role. If there is no Captain, the team will fail and the ship will sink.

Being in charge and owning your dental practice is not difficult, but you must have the confidence to become a true Chief Operating Officer. As COO of your dental practice, the team needs to know who is in charge.

Blatchford Solutions teaches leadership CE while doing so with grace and compassion. Too many dentists take the leadership role the wrong way becoming bullies in the process. There is a fine line between leadership and bullying. Dr. Christina Blatchford, her dad Dr. Bill Blatchford and the entire team from Blatchford Solutions teach you skills that create a healthy balance in your role as COO.

Blatchford Dental Management Solutions for CE Efficiency

It is no secret that patients love efficiency. An office that runs efficiently from the front to the back is vital if you want to retain dental flow. Problems with efficiency can run from communication issues to a lack of caring. If a team member isn’t pulling his or her weight or could care less, it can make the entire system problematic.

An efficient office starts with a morning huddle to get the day off on the right foot. When you become a Blatchford Doctor, you will learn dental management systems and programs that help your team bonus. Just imagine the excitement you will see when you start rewarding your team for dedication and hard work.

More than Dental Management Programs CE

Becoming a Blatchford Doctor is becoming a member of a family. For decades, Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford have helped dentists work fewer hours for more money because they care. The CE systems developed work and offer more time and money to Blatchford Doctors and their teams. There is no telling where you and your practice can go when you enroll in a Blatchford Solutions dental management program.

Along with the custom-made dental management, programs you will receive free online tools that will help guide you to success. The popular Mornings with Blatchford Podcast is on YouTube and various other online platforms. You can even watch Mornings with Blatchford on the Blatchford website.

Blatchford Solutions are also published authors providing low cost and free publications that help you with the business side of dentistry. You can even ask Bill and Christina to host your next live event.

A Real Social Media Family with Blatchford Solutions

Becoming a Blatchford Doctor also means more social media connections. The power of social media cannot be dismissed, especially in the dental world. Blatchford loves to Tweet on Twitter, share Stories on Instagram and post on Facebook as it shows how committed they are to the family of Blatchford Doctors and their teams.

When social media first hit the scene a decade ago few thought it would become the marketing machine it is today. Social media is a must for any dental practice as it personalizes you and your team.

Encourage patients to like, follow, share, and comment on your posts, tweets, and stories. When you engage you are seen as a doctor who cares and is truly committed to the fun side of dentistry.

Learn the Business Side of Dentistry with Blatchford

The CE for the business of dentistry isn’t hard; in fact, it’s easy and profitable when you work with Blatchford Solutions.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Blatchford Doctor, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with a team member from Blatchford Solutions today.

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