Keeping Your Systems Updated
Keeping Your Systems Updated
September 12, 2019
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September 16, 2019

Breaking Barriers that Limit Access to Healthcare

Breaking Barriers that Limit Access to Healthcare

As a dentist, your patients can come to you with various cases, some of which you may not be able to provide care for at your clinic. Many dentists are faced with restricted access to healthcare which is detrimental to your practice and patients. With millions of patient cases nationwide, how do you ensure you are providing your patients with the right resources for optimal care?


Referral Management Systems

Referrals are an essential tool for any healthcare clinic as they allow primary care providers to grant secondary care to their patients. A referral management system allows providers to connect with specialists instantly and efficiently. Referral programs also protect and transfers referrals electronically which can otherwise take weeks to process.

Many dental practices do not have comprehensive care coordination between larger healthcare facilities which can lower case completion rates. Bidirectional referral systems are an innovative technology as they connect dentists and physicians in real time. Take advantage of this resource with dental-medical integration at your practice.

Referral programs also drastically reduce referral leakage so fewer patient cases are left unfinished. With 100M referrals throughout the United States, 33% of patients do not follow up with whom they are referred to. This can damage health and lead to lower patient satisfaction for your clinic. Referral leakage also causes financial losses for your practice

Provider Databases

How do you find specialists for your patients? As a dentist, you could have to refer your patients to oral surgeons, endondotics, periodontists, and more. If you find yourself spending extra time researching doctors for each case, incorporate a provider database in your system. consequently, this will allow your practice to effectively find the right specialist for your patient.

Adding your practice to an existing database is also very beneficial to you, other clinics, and patients. Doing so will let other providers find your services easily and increase your patient numbers as well. Network with doctors near you and build connections so your clinic is able to help with various cases.

Case Collaboration

Working on cases with other doctors is essential when a patient requires individualized care. By collaborating, all physicians can give their expertise on certain fields to develop a care routine for them.

Use a communication platform that allows for real time responses so there is no delay in progress. This will also keep all providers and specialists up to date on each progression of care. Unregulated care can lead to misdiagnosis and forgotten appointments which are damaging to clinics and patients. Patients will feel more comfortable knowing that each doctor has a clear understanding of their health.

Accessible Clinic

We are all busy people, but should we have to compromise our health make time for something else? Create a user friendly website and patient portal for your practice so patients can access their health records as needed. Ensure your website is easy to navigate and mobile friendly for SEO, as Google’s new algorithm lists mobile friendly websites as top results.

Patient portals can be used for various tasks. Refill your patients prescriptions, send test results, and chat with your patients conveniently without missed calls. Allow your patients to fill out and send health and consent forms prior to appointments to shrink waiting rooms and optimize time with your patients.

Be Informative

Share your services, knowledge, and ideas with everyone! Inform your patients about the technology you use at your clinic and explain common procedures. By reading your content, viewers know you are educated in the industry you work in. This will also boost you and your practice’s credibility and attract more patients.

Revolutionize the dental industry by breaking the barriers that limit access to healthcare. By optimizing new technology in the industry, provide your patients with the resources they need.

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