September 30, 2019

Dental Coaching with Blatchford and the New Dentist

Dental coaching is continued education for all doctors. Doctors who are retiring and doctors who are in the middle of their careers all benefit. Dental coaching […]
September 23, 2019

Dental Coaching is CE for Dentistry

Like any career, dentistry requires continued education for new technology and new services; however, CE doesn’t stop there. In order to run a successful business, you […]
September 18, 2019

Vision and Purpose with Matt Bassitt

Vision and purpose are essential to running a strong, ethical business. On this episode of the podcast, Matt Bassitt dives into the importance of vision and […]
September 16, 2019

CE Continued Dental Practice Education for Business

7 Minute Read CE, short for continued education, is vital for every profession. General contractors require additional education as do doctors, lawyers, and plumbers. If a […]