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Win Big with a Professional Dental Coach


A good dental coach will help you and your team makes more money while working fewer days. When you work with an experienced dental coaching firm, the business side of dentistry takes care of itself with dental management systems from Blatchford Solutions.

A Dental Coach for the Business of Dentistry

Blatchford Solutions explains that most dentists are not equipped right out of the gate when it comes to the business side of dentistry.
Dr. Bill Blatchford became a dental coach over thirty years ago and along with his daughter Dr. Christina Blatchford; saw a lack in dental management programs. Blatchford Solutions began as a tool for dentists who were working more than they needed to and more than they should.
It’s easy to burnout, especially when it comes to dentistry.

Blatchford Solutions for Dental Management

The team from Blatchford Solutions became Blatchford Doctors because they saw what other dental practices had done using the dental practice management tools from Blatchford Solutions.

Dental practice management solutions such as Blatchford in a Box and free online tools such as Mornings with Blatchford, help everyone on the team became better at the business side of dentistry.

When you join the team from Blatchford Solutions, you will see a huge improvement in dental flow.

Dental Flow with a Good Dental Coach

Your dental practice is nothing without dental flow. If you don’t have patients coming back or you are having a difficult time attracting new patients, a dental coach can help you get there.

Blatchford Solutions prides themselves on creating a custom-made dental practice management system that increases dental flow. Best of all, those new patients will tell their friends and family members about your practice.

The Selling Side of Dentistry

Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford explain that everyone can sell. With dental practice management systems put into place, team members that aren’t comfortable about promoting a new product or service won’t have a problem. Firstly, they will love making more money; secondly, they will learn how to sell without being pushy.

The bonus systems from Blatchford Solutions are custom made to suit your dental practice and your dental team. With a dental management program, you and your team will make more money in fewer days. When your team learns to sell, everyone is onboard and excited about coming to work in the morning.

A Dental Coach for Teamwork

If you follow the Blatchford Solutions Blog, you will remember that teamwork is of the utmost importance. If you have a team member who isn’t pulling his or her weight, dental practice management systems help you became a leader. Just like baseball or football, a successful team needs a coach that will give them the tools they need to win the game.

One of the best ways to fire up your team is with a morning huddle. Start the day off with a pep talk and what the plan is for the day. A morning huddle excites the team making for a smooth workday.

Dental Coaching even When You Aren’t Working

Unlike some dental coaching firms, Blatchford Solutions is always there. You can tune into the Mornings with Blatchford Podcast, become a member of DentaliQ, or spend your evening reading an e-book. Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford are also available for personal appearances.

One of the best things about Blatchford Solutions is that someone is always available. Blatchford Doctors have access to dental coaches when you need them most, not just when it’s convenient for the dental coach.

Blatchford Solutions make teamwork fun. Do a Google search, and you will discover thousands of dental practices who have made the switch working fewer days for more money.

A Dental Coach Makes Sense

A day at the office is more streamlined when you have dental practice management systems in place. Without proper dental practice management systems, your office will not run like clockwork and will probably be chaotic. Dental practice management systems make for an efficient workday without the hassle.

Dentist’s who have become Blatchford Doctors all wish they had hired a dental coach sooner, especially if they have been working five or six days for twenty years.

If you would like more information regarding dental coaching, call and schedule an appointment with Blatchford Solutions today.

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