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June 30, 2019
Dental Coaching is Essential for a Strong Team
July 8, 2019

A Dental Coach is a Necessary Investment

Hiring a dental coach may seem like an unnecessary expense, but did you know that a good dental coach could help you make more money in less time? In other words, a dental coach makes sense.

If you think continued education is an unnecessary expense, think again. Do you think that CEREC® machine that you just purchased is an unnecessary expense? Probably not, especially when you factor in how much that machine has already made you. Consequently, the same can be said about a dental coach.

Why a Dental Coach Makes You Money

Dr. Bill Blatchford has been coaching dentists for more than 4 decades and along with his daughter, Dr. Christina Blatchford believes that doctors should not have to work five, or sometimes six days a week. Furthermore, with the Blatchford Solutions dental management programs, you and your team will enjoy more money and more vacation time.

For example, Blatchford Doctors are earning more money with dental management systems such as block booking, scheduling and cross training. You and your team will also learn about good old-fashioned customer service. Investing in Blatchford Solutions is an investment in your future, and the future of your dental practice.

Once you become a Blatchford Doctor, you will have access to the strongest dental coaching team on the planet. In short, you and your team will be a success.

Dental Coaching Programs for Continued Education

Both Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford put an emphasis on continued education, and that includes the business side of dentistry. In other words, if your backend isn’t working, your dental practice is suffering.

Because the team from Blatchford Solutions are dentists themselves, they understand everything there is about both sides of dentistry.

On one hand, it’s important to keep up with current technologies, on the other hand, you can’t forget about the business side of dentistry. If your dental management systems are out of whack, how can you possibly market your new products and services? Those dental implant continuation courses won’t do you any good if your team doesn’t have a clue how to market dental implants.

Putting your profits back into your dental practice with a dental coaching firm is the first step. With Blatchford Solutions, the entire team gets involved.

A Dental Coach for More Time and Money

While you may think it is impossible to work fewer days for money, it is quite the contrary. Blatchford Doctors and their families are travelling the world enjoying as little as three days of work at the office. Even the team is enjoying more time off thanks to the dental management systems from Blatchford Solutions. Best of all, the Blatchford Solutions team have helped the team become closer.

If your dental practice is in chaos, how can anyone possibly get things done? How can team members perform tasks if stress is involved? You know it’s literally impossible to have a successful workday if your dental management systems aren’t working.

When the entire team is involved, things run smoothly. Having dental management systems in place keeps everyone happy, on board, and on point. They’ll be no more chaos with the Blatchford Solutions.

A Dental Coach and More 24/7

With Blatchford Solutions, you’ll get 24-hour advice thanks to the Mornings with Blatchford Podcast. Filled with dental practice management solutions, its’ the best way to start the day. Consider adding Mornings with Blatchford to your huddles. It’s an excellent way to motivate the team and start your day.

Blatchford Solutions also offers free eBooks and affordable hands on solutions that will keep your dental practice running smoothly. With regular free Webinars, you will have the tools you need to get your dental practice up to speed. You can even invite Dr. Bill or Dr. Christina to speak to your dental team. It is amazing what a morning with Dr. Christina or Dr. Bill Blatchford will do for your dental practice.

Customized Dental Coaching Management Systems

Like anything in life there is no one size fits all solution to dental management woes. Blatchford Solutions believes that the cookie cutter approach to dental coaching doesn’t work. What does work is a customized solution that is dedicated to your dental practice.

With a Blatchford Solutions dental coach, you’ll have access to webinars, seminars, educational audio presentations, informative and entertaining videos, podcasts, free e-books, articles, documents, and workbooks that will whip you and your dental practice into shape. All you have to do is put the work in.

If your dental practice isn’t all you had hoped it would be, call or click and schedule a no obligation dental management consultation with Blatchford Solutions. Your customized system is waiting.

Call for a no obligation consultation with Blatchford Solutions today.

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