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April 14, 2019
A Dental Coach takes Time and Effort
April 22, 2019

Further Education with a Dental Coach is Essential

As a dentist, you are probably furthering your dental career by taking continuing education courses, enrolling in classes that will show you how to use CEREC and classes that help you become better at your specialty.

Having a dental practice that provides patients with a one-stop shop is great, but if you don’t have systems in place when it comes to behind the scenes, your productivity will suffer. and that’s where a dental coach comes into the picture.

Organize your Practice with a Dental Coach

Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford from Blatchford Coaching are dental coaches who, along with the rest of the team, help you implement dental management systems that work. With the Blatchford Solutions dental management systems, you will learn how to manage your team, your office, and your patients. While it will take work to put these systems into place, the rewards are well worth it.

We Don’t Have Time for a Dental Coach

If you are saying you don’t have time for a dental coach, you are sadly mistaken. Just like your dental education, knowing how to implement the business of dentistry into your practice is essential if you want a productive practice. The team from Blatchford Solutions has the skills you need to take your chosen career to the next level.

Dental Management Systems Won’t Let You Down

When a Blatchford Doctor talks about success in the dental world, they mean it. The doctors who complete the Blatchford Solutions dental coaching system can’t stop talking about everything Blatchford. The systems used by Blatchford Solutions have helped dentists create a more than comfortable income working fewer days a week.

From Podcasts and Blatchford in a Box, to affordable and free books on the website the tools you need are waiting from Blatchford Solutions.

Everyone is Involved in the Dental Coaching Process

Unlike some dental coaching firms, Blatchford Solutions gets everyone involved in the process. Team members make bonuses and work less days while making more money. With Blatchford Solutions, nothing is impossible. When you learn with a dental coach, you will never stop growing.

Team members who are excited to go to work every day earn you money. Offering bonuses and commissions for products and services goes along way when it comes to team morale.

A Dental Coach that Doesn’t Take Over

There is nothing worse than having a dental coach come into your practice and take over day-to-day operations. Instead of putting proper dental management systems in place it makes things even more disorganized.

Blatchford Solutions won’t take over your practice, but instead work with you and your team to make your dental practice the best it can be. By examining your current practice systems, if you have them, the dental coaching team from Blatchford Solutions will tailor a system that fits you and your practice, not the other way around.

Dental Coaching for Every Practice

You may think you have been in the industry too long to benefit from the talents of a dental coach. Talk to a Blatchford Doctor and you will learn differently. Blatchford Doctors who have been in dentistry for decades wish they would have known about Blatchford from the beginning, while new dental grads are glad they did.

Whatever stage you are at in your dental career, a good dental coach will help you thrive. Just like everything in life, learning from the professionals will help you prosper. It’s truly amazing what a dental coach from Blatchford Solutions can do for you and your dental practice.

Are You Ready to Work with a Dental Coach?

If you follow the Blatchford Solutions Blog, you will know that keeping your dental practice running like clockwork is possible with a dental coach. Once you make the commitment be prepared to do the work and your business will thrive and prosper.

Working with a dental coach means time and energy. However, once the systems are put into place, you’ll have more time than you could have ever imagined. With a dental coach from Blatchford Solutions working with you and your team, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you would like more information regarding dental coaching, call or click for a no obligation dental coaching consultation with a dental coach today.

You won’t be disappointed. Call today.

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