Dental Coaching it Really Does Work
March 4, 2019
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March 18, 2019

Dental Coaching for a Successful Dental Practice

Dental coaching has helped thousands of Blatchford Doctors reach a pinnacle point in their careers. As a result, people who have worked with Dr. Bill Blatchford, Dr. Christina Blatchford and the rest of the Blatchford Solutions team are working fewer days, making more money and enjoying more vacation time.

Although this may sound like an impossible dream, it isn’t. Dental coaching works, it really is as simple as that.

What is Dental Coaching and Why Does it Work?

Dental coaching simply means bringing an authority in who has been there and done that. Blatchford Solutions has decades of experience in the dental world, and as practicing dentists know how important it is to enjoy what you do also.

Why Dental Coaching from Blatchford Solutions is Different

Unlike other firms, who literally come in and take over your practice, the coaching team from Blatchford Solutions is different. Every dental coach works beside you and your team helping you become the master of your domain. Using dental management systems that work, you will appreciate the training from Blatchford Solutions.

Blatchford Solutions also makes it no secret that the dental coaching program is designed to help you achieve your maximum profitability. Every dental practice on the planet has the chance to achieve financial freedom.

Rediscover your Love of Dentistry with Dental Coaching

Just like anything in life, burnouts happen. From dragging yourself to the office, every day to arguing with team members, becoming disgruntled with your career is natural. Blatchford Solutions has systems that will help you enjoy the practice of dentistry while getting to the business at hand. With a dental coach, you will uncover amazing rewards from your dental practice that you didn’t even know existed.

No One Size Fits All with Blatchford Solutions

There is no cookie cutter approach to dental coaching. Every dental practice is different. Unlike some dental coaches, the team from Blatchford Solutions does not take shortcuts. The most important part of dental coaching is allowing you and your team to just be. You will never be pushed into doing something one-way when you do not feel comfortable doing it.

Blatchford Won’t Take Over But You Do Need to Work

The road to a better dental practice is simple. The team supplies the lessons and you do the homework. With teamwork, anything is possible.

The dental practice management systems from Blatchford Solutions are made for the entire team. With Blatchford Solutions, everyone gets involved in the business of dentistry making more money while working fewer days. With the Blatchford Solutions coaching program, everyone in the office is selling, you are using a block booking and bonus system and the entire practice is enjoying more vacation days every year.

Dental Coaching Works Why Don’t You Have One

If you have gotten to this point and still aren’t convinced you need a dental coach, call and talk to a team member from Blatchford Solutions. Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford and the entire dental coaching team are ready to change your mind.

Call for a no obligation dental coaching consultation with Blatchford Solutions today.

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