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February 15, 2019
A Dental Coach Before Retirement for Profitability
February 25, 2019

A Dental Coach To Help You Get Going


Are you tired of going into your dental practice every day? Is your workload getting down? Does your team feel the same way that you do?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it could be time for a dental coach. A dental coach will come into your practice and observe your dental management systems, or lack of them, to determine where you and your team need some help.

A Dental Coach to Sort Things Out

A good dental coach understands the trials and tribulations of running a busy dental practice. Becoming a Blatchford Doctor is the first step when it comes to getting your work life back in order.

When you take the plunge and opt for dental coaching, getting up for work will be a joy because a good dental coach will help you love what you do again.

A Dental Coach so Why Blatchford Solutions?

Just like any other coach, a dental coach has the experience to help you and your team. Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford are working dentists who have put together a system that works.

The dental management systems from Blatchford Solutions help everyone win, even the team. Just ask one of the thousands of Blatchford Doctors who say they wish they had found Blatchford sooner.

What Does Blatchford Solutions Do?

Unlike some dental coaches, the team from Blatchford Solutions works alongside you and your team. You won’t have to worry about a dental coach who comes in and takes over your practice.

Blatchford Solutions looks at the core of the practice and the team that comes with it. The goal of a good dental coach is to help the practice, not take it over.

When you work with Blatchford Solutions, the dental coaching team will come into your practice, observe your team and your dental management systems. If something isn’t working, a solution will be put into place that makes the entire office run more efficiently.

Blatchford in a Box

Just like the books, podcasts and other tools available to the dental community, Blatchford in a Box has helped dentists increase their net by upwards of $100,000.

Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford help you become a stronger leader while motivating your team at the same time. Blatchford in a Box helps you become more efficient and more profitable.

With dental management systems such as block booking, you’ll discover unique dental marketing techniques that actually work. You and your team will become selling professionals, which in turn will produce more income.

A Dental Coach for Everyone

Regardless where you are in your dental career, a dental coach can help you work fewer days for more money. You and your team will take paid vacations more often resulting in a happier workplace.

Young dentists fresh out of school and dentists who have been at it for decades have all become more successful thanks to Blatchford Solutions. Just take a minute and watch the testimonials and you will quickly see how happy the Blatchford Doctors are.

If getting up in the morning is a chore, call or click and schedule an appointment with a dental coach. After a few weeks of dental coaching, you will be up early and ready to go.

Call or click for a consultation with Blatchford Solutions today.

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