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February 18, 2019
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February 27, 2019

A Dental Coach Before Retirement for Profitability

If retirement is something that has been weighing on your mind, are you ready for it? Is your dental practice worth as much as it could be? Are you ready to take the next step for a successful dental practice sale?

If you answered yes, than you may be ready for your transition, however, if you have doubts, seeking the wise words of a dental coach could be in order.

Why a Dental Coach Before Retirement

Successful dentists who have more than a decade or two in dentistry, will tell you that becoming a Blatchford Dentist was the best decision they could have ever made. Using systems that were foreign at first, created a dental practice that was actually worth selling.

Because Blatchford Solutions are practicing dentists themselves they have created dental management practice systems that actually work. A dentist who is used to working five days a week barely making ends meet, will be amazed to learn that he or she can work three days a week making more than they ever thought possible.

A Dental Coach Makes Sense

If retirement is on the horizon, but you have no idea how to make that happen, call Blatchford Solutions. Dr. Bill Blatchford, Dr. Christina Blatchford and the entire Blatchford team have the solutions to get you up to retirement speed and it won’t take you an additional five years to get there.

As a dentist you have probably achieved some practice success, yet despite your best efforts you may be finding it tough to find a balance between your practice and your personal life.

Blatchford Solutions helps you discover that balance while achieving both professional and personal success. A dental practice that works for you, not the other way around, is the best way to increase the value of your dental practice.

The Platinum Level Dental Coach Program

With the support you need, the Platinum Level Dental Coaching Program is designed to help you refine your dental practice. When you work with a Blatchford dental coach you’ll work much smarter, not harder. By reassessing and redefining your dental goals, you will be on the right path. Achieving your dreams has never been easier.

Committed to private practice, Blatchford Solutions understands time management. There is nothing more critical, especially if you have been running a busy dental practice for decades.

When you enroll in the Platinum Level Dental Coaching Program from Blatchford Solutions, you’ll work less for more. In fact, Blatchford Doctors will tell you that the program reduced their schedule from five to three working days. That is equivalent to 40 to 60 days every year. ‘

Just imagine how much that would impact your personal and professional life. You could spend more time with your family and more time on your continuing education.

A Dental Coach Brings you Closer to Retirement

Senior doctors who are hoping to retire still want additional time and additional income. Not only does this make the practice more saleable, it also makes you more money. Blatchford Solutions has the support system you need to set goals and achieve those goals.

With financing options available, there is no reason not to become more profitable before retirement. Call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with a professional dental coach today.

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