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January 18, 2019
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Dental Coaching Takes you to the Finish Line


If you are a football fan, you know that both successful coaches had a plan. A plan of well thought out plays that would eventually take the Rams and the Patriots to the Super Bowl.


Just like dental coaching, a football coach strategically plans each game, watches the tapes from the previous game, and adjusts to any changes that may not have been planned for.

Because a good dental coach knows what changes can and will occur the dental practice will be able to handle those unplanned moments with a good dental coaching team.

The Dental Coaching Team from Blatchford Solutions

Dr. Bill Blatchford has been a practicing dentist for decades. Along with his Dr. Christina Blatchford, he has built a dental coaching team that has helped thousands of dentists all over the United States and Canada.

Those dental teams have well exceeded expectations and are working fewer days for more money. Because when you hire a dental coaching team with experience, there is no limit to what you and your team can do.

How Dental Coaching Works

The Blatchford Solutions team helps new and seasoned dentists measure their hourly production while holding the Doctor and the team accountable.

Accountability throughout the workday makes everyone more productive. Because the dental coaching team from Blatchford Solutions is there throughout the process and beyond, the dental practice has a sounding board and resources for questions and concerns regarding day-to-day operations.

Because most dentists tend to leave the dentistry of business at the bottom of the task list, it’s sometimes tough to trim costs and stick to a budget. Dental coaching provides the dentist and the team with a roadmap to success. Regardless of the goal, Blatchford Solutions will help you get there.

What a Dental Coach Can Do for You

A good dental coach will help you evaluate your entire practice. From your team to the financials and daily operations, Blatchford Solutions examines your systems. A good dental coach helps you live your dreams while becoming happier in both your professional and personal life.

Although Blatchford Solutions won’t take over your practice, ruffled feathers can happen. Sometimes the truth isn’t always easy to digest. Team members that haven’t been pulling their weight will be called to the table. If that team member or team members don’t want to sit down and gel with the rest of the dental practice, it may be time to cut ties with those who don’t cooperate.

Why Dental Coaching is Important

You can bet the Patriots and the Rams wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs without a good coach. Both teams were ready to win thanks to the systems put in place by the dental coaches. The same can be said about dental coaching.

Dental coaching works because it is custom made to suit your dental practice whether you are a small one-man operation or a dentist that holds down a thriving practice with eight other doctors.

It’s the first month of a new year. Why not do something for you and your dental practice with a no obligation consultation. Blatchford Solutions is ready to help you become the dentist you have always wanted to be.

Dental coaching makes a difference. Call or click for more information today.

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