Considering Dental Coaching in the New Year?
December 24, 2018
Dental Coaching for a Winning Season
January 7, 2019

It’s Time for a Dental Coach in the New Year


A New Year brings new goals, personal and professional promises. Some of you may want to, or already have, made a list of New Year’s resolutions that you promise to abide by.


Although those resolutions you made were with the best intentions, how many will actually stick throughout the year? Most people have bought gym equipment on Craig’s List because people didn’t stick to their New Year’s resolution. Scratch that off the list and replace it with dental coach.

A Dental Coach in the New Year

A new dental coach probably isn’t on your list of New Year’s resolutions, but it should be. Especially if your list includes making more money, and working less days. A good dental coach that has experience and works in the field, is the best way to create a solid list of must do’s in the New Year.

What a Dental Coach can Do for You

The team from Blatchford Solutions makes the New Year brighter with dental systems that work. With thousands of dentists in North America loving their dental coach, it’s hard to argue with.

Although Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford will never take over your dental practice, they will get in and roll up their sleeves. As a result your practice benefits.

By examining the dental systems that you have in place, Blatchford Solutions is able to come up with a customized dental coaching system that is a perfect fit for your dental practice. A good dental coach makes a difference.

What Makes Blatchford Solutions Different?

Because Blatchford Solutions are experienced dentists working in the field, Dr. Bill Blatchford has over 40 years in the industry; the team understands how a smooth operation runs. Consequently, so will you.

Dr. Bill Blatchford, along with the rest of the team, has gone through everything in the dental world. The team has taken what they have learned into the Blatchford Solutions dental coaching systems. From the Blatchford in a Box to the Platinum Program, Blatchford Solutions has the right tools to help you succeed in the dental world.

Along with the Platinum program, Blatchford Solutions also offers online tools that will help you become a better dentist. With Podcasts on Facebook, eBooks, and hardcover books, such as the latest in the series, 7 Principles of Highly Profitable Dentists, you will have the tools you need to succeed when you become a Blatchford Doctor.

What is a Blatchford Doctor?

While Bill and Christina both carry the Blatchford name, they are father and daughter after all, the rest of the Blatchford Solutions team are Blatchford Doctors as are the thousands of other dentists that have participated in the Blatchford Coaching program.

Read, watch, and listen to the testimonials and reviews and you will quickly realize what it is like to become a Blatchford Doctor. People all over the world recognize the Blatchford dental program as being the best there is. Now it’s your turn to recognize it as well with an awesome dental coach.

A Blatchford Dental Coach for a Better Practice

The coaching team from Blatchford Solutions works to make you and your team better at what you do. From block booking and bonus systems to adventures with Blatchford, you have the tools you need to become the dentist that you signed up to be.

If you would like more information regarding dental coaching, schedule a no obligation consultation with Blatchford Solutions. A dental coach makes sense. Call the Blatchford’s today.

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