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December 7, 2018
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A Blatchford Solutions Dental Coach for a Successful 2019


Are you coming up short for your end of year earnings? Is your dental practice under-performing? Is cancelling your Polynesian getaway something you are seriously considering?

If you answered yes to any of those three questions, it’s time to rethink your dental practice marketing. Are you really doing all you can to earn more money in fewer days? A dental coach is the solution for 2019.

What Does a Dental Coach Do?

An experienced dental coach examines your dental practice. If you are working your fingers to the bone, dental coaching looks at your systems. Blatchford Solutions has tried and true dental management systems that help your office become what you had always envisioned.

Being disappointed in your end of year earnings affects the entire team. Dr. Bill Blatchford, Dr. Christina Blatchford, and the entire Blatchford Solutions team, work with you to ensure a successful New Year.

Why is Blatchford Solutions Different?

Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford are well known practicing dentists.

When you become a Blatchford Doctor, you will quickly realize what thousands of dentists across the North American Continent already know, dental coaching works.

What are some of the Systems Available with a Dental Coach?

Dental IQ~Just like other closed groups on Facebook, Dental IQ is available to Blatchford Solutions clients. You’ll be inspired with ideas and benefits that you won’t receive anywhere else. Connecting with other people in the dental community on a regular basis is one of the best ways to grow your practice and your career.

Of course, many other benefits are only available to Blatchford Solutions clients. Some of these include Peak Performance and Dynamo.

A Dental Coach that Goes Beyond

Blatchford Solutions takes dental coaching one-step further giving you access to free Podcasts. Mornings with Blatchford is a YouTube program that is beneficial for you and your team.

Be sure and subscribe to Mornings with Blatchford on YouTube.

When you work with Bill, Christina and the rest of the team, you will be exposed to an environment that invokes passion. You chose your career because you wanted to help people. If that has become lost in the business of dentistry, a dental coach helps you get back to why you became a dentist to begin with.

Is it Too Late for a Dental Coach?

It’s never too late to work with a talented team of dental coaches. Doctors who were considering retirement are grateful for the help they have received.

Some of those dentists are still practicing thanks to the team from Blatchford Solutions. You’ll be amazed at how much different your dental practice will become when you work with an experienced dental coach.

I Just Bought My First Practice Do I Need a Dental Coach?

Talk to any dentist who is fresh out of school and they will tell you the best thing you can do for your practice is to become a Blatchford Doctor. Those who consulted with the team from Blatchford Solutions before they opened for business will explain that there is no better investment.

A good dental coach helps you put systems in place that will get you over the hump. With Blatchford Solutions, you can start out with the practice you have been dreaming about from the beginning.

A Dental Coach for the Not So Good Times

It’s not too late to love dentistry again. Take the Blatchford Profitability Assessment. By analyzing your insights, the team from Blatchford Solutions will develop a proactive action plan and new patient strategy that is designed around your goals, not the goals of another dental practice. Because the team personally reviews every profitability assessment you will become more profitable, and most importantly, happy.

Make 2019 a year to remember and talk to a consultant from Blatchford Solutions. A dental coach really is the answer to a more profitable New Year.

Call or click for a no obligation consultation with Blatchford Solutions today.

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