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October 8, 2018
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October 20, 2018

Dental Coaching for Newbie’s and the Nearly Retired

Dental coaching is something that every dental practice can benefit from. Whether you are hanging up your shingle for the first time or getting ready to start a new chapter and retire from dentistry completely.


Every dental practice can work less days and show more profit at the end of the year with dental coaching.

Dental Coaching for the Newbie’s

If you are one of the lucky ones who has just completed dental school and has, or is ready to, purchase a practice, you need a dental coach. Blatchford Solutions has tried and true dental coaching systems in place that will get you going from the beginning. You are blessed to have chosen one of the best careers in the world, now it is time to make a real go of it.

Blatchford Solutions has coached thousands of dentists who have just started out, and what they will tell you is that it was the best decision that they have ever made. Dental coaching helps new practicing dentists choose the best team and the best systems for the practice.

Dental Coaching for the Almost Retired

If you are planning to retire, but have some worries about your future, especially where your income is concerned, you may not be ready to call dentistry quits, just yet. A dental practice that is barely making ends meet will not get you the price that you had hoped for.

Dental coaching can help improve your practice on all levels making it look much better on paper when you finally decide to sell. Who knows, you may not want to retire after a few sessions with Blatchford Solutions.

Some dentists who have been working for a decade or more feel like they know it all. They have a certain amount of patients that help pay the bills and a team that is happy most of the time. Unfortunately, you do not know it all if you are still working five days a week to pay your overhead.

Dental coaching helps you streamline your practice so that you can run your business smoothly and efficiently.

More Freedom Equals More Money

It may sound impossible, but a dental coach gives you more freedom while showing you how to make more. With systems in place, such as Blatchford’s Block Booking and the Bonus System, you and your team will have the freedom to work three days a week earning more. Everyone benefits from Blatchford Solutions.

Blatchford Solutions understands that every dental practice is different. Dr. Bill Blatchford and Dr. Christina Blatchford’s  strategies have created success stories all over the world. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those success stories?

If increasing your dental flow, your management skills, your efficiency and bottom line has been on your mind, and face it, if it isn’t you need dental coaching, then it’s time to consider a dental coach.

A Smoother Transition with Dental Coaching

Change isn’t always comfortable. A good dental coach will help you reestablish your goals. A good dental coach will also help  you fall in love with dentistry again. You became a dentist for your own reasons, if those reasons have been lost to the business of dentistry; it’s definitely time to consider a dental coach for your dental practice.

Join the thousands of dental practices all over North America who have thrived using the Blatchford Solutions dental coaching systems. Schedule a no obligation consultation for dental coaching today. You’ll be glad you did, and so will the rest of the team.

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