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September 24, 2018
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October 5, 2018

A Dental Coach for the Tough Times and Beyond

A dental coach helps get through the times when nothing seems to be working.


Whether you are a dentist who has been practicing for years in the same location or a new graduate just getting his or her feet wet, a dental coach is the light at the end of the tunnel.

What is a Dental Coach?

If you follow the Blatchford Solutions Blog, you will know that a dental coach is a person who has seen it and done it. Just like a football or vocal coach, a dental coach helps you become a better dentist by sharing with you what has worked for them,  and what hasn’t worked in the past.

Dr. Bill and Christina Blatchford are practicing dentists who love sharing their stories, trials, and tribulations with dentists just like you. By sharing their past and present experiences, you will begin to feel better about yourself and your dental practice.

Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you use those mistakes that makes the difference. Blatchford Solutions helps you avoid the mishaps that have gotten in the way of your personal and professional life.

Blatchford Solutions Systems Work

Thousands of dental practices across North America have benefited from the systems put into place by the Blatchford Solutions team. Dental practices just like yours are working less days for more income, but it isn’t just the doctor who is benefiting.

The popular bonus system created by Blatchford Solutions keeps team members revved up and ready to go. The staff becomes a real team when you add incentive. Add the block booking system to the mix and you, your team, and your dental practice will be on fire. There is nothing you can’t do when you work with a dental coach.

What Can I Expect from a Dental Coach?

A dental coach won’t hold your hand, well maybe a pat on the back and a hug, but instead give you the tools you need to become a better business owner. Even the best doctors in the world occasionally need help with the business side of dentistry.

Blatchford Solutions are the experts when it comes to streamlining dentistry with dental coaching systems that work. Just ask the thousands of dentists who are Blatchford Doctors and they will tell you the same thing.

The doctors who started their careers with Drs Bill and Christina are glad they did, and the ones who learned about Blatchford Solutions later on in life wish they had contacted a dental coach sooner.

What I Won’t Get from a Dental Coach

You won’t get a team that shadows you all day. You also won’t get a dental coach who wants to take over completely. Blatchford Solutions, “Coaches,” its dentists and the teams making sure that they are having fun in the process. If you are working with a dental coach that makes you wish you didn’t have to get up in the morning, you are working with the wrong dental coaching consultant.

Blatchford Solutions makes it fun to come to the office, work with the team and learn new ways of thinking. With Blatchford Solutions, the possibilities are endless. Best of all, you will always be a Blatchford Doctor who will go on sharing your own experiences with other dentists just like you.

A Dental Coach for Life

Blatchford Solutions are dental coaches for life helping you get through the tough times to make it to the top. Because every dental practice that has worked with Blatchford Solutions has had amazing results. Isn’t about time you starting seeing those results as well?

Call or click and schedule a no obligation dental coaching consultation with Blatchford Solutions. A dental coach gets it and now so can you.

Call or click today.

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