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September 17, 2018
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October 1, 2018

Dental Coaching Tips you Can Take to the Bank

Dental coaching is a specialty. Blatchford Solutions are the dental coaching experts and have the experience and knowledge to increase your dental flow.

As a result, with tried and true dental coaching protocols and systems in place, your dental practice will experience growth, as it never has before.

Why Dental Coaching Works

Dr. Bill Blatchford and dental coaching partner Dr. Christina Blatchford have taken their knowledge and skills to the next level. With tools and techniques that are tailor made to the dental profession, Blatchford Solutions has everything you need to succeed in dentistry. Both you and your team will learn to work together using fun and sound dental practice management solutions that were created to help you succeed.

Still not convinced that a dental coach is for you? Although you won’t discover all of the Blatchford Solutions these dental coaching tips will help you understand why a good dental coach keeps you ahead of the competition.

Communication Dental Coaching Tips

Communication starts with the team. At your morning huddle go over each patients records and in addition to the scheduled treatment. Also, identify what treatments haven’t been completed yet. Cancelled and postponed appointments should have been rescheduled the previous day if not before. If any openings are available, be sure to fill as soon as possible. Be sure to role-play before your first patient arrives. This alleviates any change of time missed because a tool wasn’t in the treatment room.

Without proper communication, your dental practice isn’t running efficiently. Dental practice management is 10 percent clinical and 90 percent communication. If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t optimizing time well spent.

Do it For the Team Dental Coaching Tips

A dental practice is nothing without a good team. Patients see you and your practice through your team. A happy team makes for happy patients. When satisfaction is reflected in the office your patients will feel satisfied and happy.

If it comes time to hire a new receptionist or hygienist, talk it over with team. Do your research and take time to prepare everyone for the new hire. Everyone needs to work together. Synchronicity is the key to a successful team.

Take into account the personality style, experience, and complimentary values because this will help you and your team develop questions for an interview. Also, consider inviting team members to final interviews for skills assessment and group communication. If the high scoring candidate did well in the initial interview but failed dismally on a personal level with the rest of the group, it’s time to look for another potential team member.

Leadership Dental Coaching Tips

In today’s world, there are three steps to success. Own it, Lead It, and Perfect It. By developing these three key points into your dental practice management strategies, you can transform your dental practice with fundamentals that focus on the team and the patients. Without a strong leader at the helm, your dental practice will go down like a sinking ship.

Dr. Bill and Christina Blatchford recommend that you set goals. Even if you set goals early in your dental career, reevaluate those goals. By reevaluating personal, professional, and life goals, you are better able to move forward in your chosen profession, a profession that is envied by millions.

  • Effective Dental Coaching Tips for a Successful Practice
  • Assume leadership and lead, lead, lead
  • Define your goals and vision
  • Share your vision
  • Work well with others
  • Hold morning huddles with your team
  • Understand your team’s motivators and strengths
  • Monitor your monthly expenses
  • Hold team members accountable for performance and behavior
  • Praise and appreciate
  • Recognize the team with rewards and bonuses

Embrace Social Media and other Online Outlets

According to Blatchford Solutions, the best time to enhance your online presence is right now. As a result, with more reviews, testimonials and digital tools you will have the advantage when it comes to the competition. Although it may seem time consuming, it is well worth its weight in gold when it comes to showcasing your brand online.

By posting videos, patient reviews, before and after photos and testimonials people will begin to share your content telling others about your awesome products and services. It won’t take long for your dental flow to flourish.

More Dental Coaching Tips from the Experts

Blatchford Solutions has plenty of dental coaching tips to share. Subscribe to Dr. Bill and Dr. Christina Blatchford’s podcast, or follow the blog. If you really want to increase your dental flow while working less days for more, contact Blatchford Solutions for a no obligation dental coaching consultations. Because you want results, it’s time to call Blatchford Solutions. 

You really can work less for more. Call or click today.

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