Why A Dental Coach Works for an Ailing Practice
August 27, 2018
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A Dental Coach for Solutions that Count
September 10, 2018

Dental Coaching and Football Coaching Go Hand in Hand

Dental coaching is just like anything else than requires an individual or team to help them get better at what they do.

With preseason football in full swing, we get a firsthand look at what coaching can do for a team. Dental coaching is the same way.

With Blatchford Solutions, you and the team can come up with a game strategy that will get you over the goal every time.

Knowing the Dental Coaching Game Plan


Just like football coaching, a dental coach must know everything there is to know about practicing dentistry. A general motivational coach will not give you the same results as Blatchford Solutions.

A dental coach helps you learn how to put the tools into place so that you can be happy in your personal and professional life.

Below are 10 football-coaching strategies that can be likened to the Blatchford dental coaching strategies

Be a Good Role Model with Dental Coaching

Every football team needs a coach that people respect. Just like a dental coach, a football coach needs to be worthy of imitation. Being a leader is vital on the playing field and in the dental practice. If you are not showing the team how to win the game, you won’t get anything out of dental coaching.

Punctuality is a Must


Just like a football team, you and your dental team need to arrive on time. This way you can manage day’s appointments, sales meetings or anything else on the calendar during your morning meeting.

Much like a huddle on the field, you, and your team can focus on your objectives before getting on with the day. Don’t forget, you must be punctual as well. If you roll in five minutes before your first scheduled dental appointment, the entire day will be out of whack. Consequently, you aren’t being much of a team leader either.

Keeping Up Appearances

Always keep an eye on your appearance. Looking neat, tidy, and put together is essential if you want your patients, or potential ones, to see you as professional. If you and your team are sloppy and not very well put together, it will reflect on your dental practice.

Good Dental Coaching and Good Teaching go Hand in Hand

A good teacher is part of being an effective football coach. The same can be said about a good dental coach. Blatchford Solutions will show you the basics and use their decades of experience to help you increase your dental flow while working less days a week. Blatchford Solutions has the tried and true dental coaching tools to help you become a good teacher as well.

Dental Coaching will Show You How to Be Friendly


Even if you are having a bad day, it’s important to be friendly. You may feel like giving the team the riot act for last week’s performance, but if you do, you will not gain the respect you hired Blatchford Solutions for in the first place.

Blatchford Solutions will help you overcome your quick to anger issues. As a result, you become a better person, even if it has been difficult to overcome. By analyzing the mental and emotional characteristics of your team, you can develop sound strategies that will help motivate and encourage.

You’ll Learn to Be a Good Listener and Communicator

A football coach has the listening skills needed to listen to what is right and wrong with the playbook. Blatchford Solutions will teach you how to communicate with your team.

Ask the team for ideas and encourage to speak out. Make notes and be sure to give a shout out team member who has come up with an idea. If it has really panned out you want to give them recognition.

Development and Dental Coaching


Just like a good football coach, a dental coach teaches the dentist to become a role model. By communicating your goals with the team, your dental practice will begin to develop sound practices that will increase your dental flow.

Motivate your Team with the Help of a Dental Coach

Have fun with team motivation. Develop activities that will motivate everyone to be as productive as possible throughout the workday. Just like football training sessions, your morning meetings help motivate your team to achieve their chosen goals and the goals of the dental practice.

Keep Your Eye on the Goal with Dental Coaching

Of course, you have goals that you have had since you opened your dental practice. As a result, your team members may or may not be playing on the same team.



If you haven’t shared your goals, they won’t have a clue what your plans are. Keeping your team informed is a must when it comes to running a successful dental practice.

Just like a football team, a dental practice needs an experienced coach to win the game. Call or click for a no obligation dental coaching consultation with Blatchford Solutions today.

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