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August 11, 2018
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August 20, 2018

A Successful Dental Team Takes Time and Effort

Putting together a successful dental team takes time, effort and a good dental management company.


You cannot live without a successful dental team. Regardless of where you are in your professional life plan, it takes a team to help you get there. Consequently, a dental practice management company will help you get there.

The foundation of your dental practice starts with a healthy team. Without a productive and happy team to keep your business running smoothly, your dental flow will begin to dwindle.

But isn’t it the Dentist that Keeps Things Afloat?

The dentist in charge is in command, and while the head honcho overseas the operation, it’s the team that keeps everything flowing smoothly.

A successful dental team means working together to make the systems that have been put in place run as they should. If there is a fly in the ointment, you can bet your practice will not be running as efficiently as it could be.

A Dental Practice Management Company to Work out the Kinks


Working out the kinks is essential if you want your team to be happy. If your receptionist isn’t communicating with the rest of the crew and feels entitled, it may be time to look for a replacement.

A good dental practice management company such as Blatchford Solutions knows how to build and keep a great group of people that will make a successful dental team.

One Rotten Egg Can Spoil the Dozen

Hiring the right people is paramount when it comes to building a great dental team. You may be doing your wife a favor by hiring her mother, but if your mother in law isn’t so great with people skills, it’s time to say good-bye.

Cutting the cord is essential when it comes to team building. Blatchford Solutions recommends that you hire people who can work well together and complement one another.

Building a cohesive team that is effective takes patience, hard work, persistence, and most of all, patience. With Blatchford Solutions, you will have the competitive advantage it takes to make your dental practice fresh and unique.

It’s All About Trust Building


As the team leader, you want to make sure that your members feel comfortable having a voice. Showing vulnerability and voicing opinions builds trust among team members.

Avoiding confrontation is human nature. Setting ground rules from day one creates a workplace that offers mutual respect, collaboration, and trust from the beginning.

By showing your team that you have an investment in your dental practice, you are enabling them to feel comfortable in the workplace.

Define Member Roles for a Successful Dental Team

If you are a fan of world-renowned dental coaches, Dr. Bill Blatchford, and Dr. Christina Blatchford, you know that cross training employees is an essential part of a smooth running dental practice.

While it may be necessary for the hygienist to act as the receptionist it’s important to define roles.

Giving team members clear cut definitions eliminates chaos.

Team Meetings for a Successful Dental Team


Morning meetings, coffee and donuts, or however you refer to your morning huddles gives your team an opportunity to focus on the day’s events and the upcoming appointments.

Highlighting patient concerns or talking about office issues is the best way to keep everyone’s attitude positive and uplifting.

Make your meetings casual, relaxed, and fun. Once a month reward a team member with a gift certificate or weekend away. End your meetings on a high note so that the day is a productive one.

Make your Goals Realistic for a Successful Dental Team

A good dental management company will help you set realistic goals for your practice. Setting unrealistic goals that you cannot achieve sets everyone up for disappointment.

Instead of pushing your team to meet impossible goals, start with something making those goals not so impossible to reach.

Every goal reached deserves a reward. Make sure that you give the person who achieved the goal a reward. Building team morale starts with recognizing the people who are working their hardest, and their best.

The All Important Team Bonus


If you follow the Blatchford Solutions Blog, you will know how strongly Drs Bill and Christina Blatchford feel about the bonus system for a successful dental team. While rewarding team members is great, a bonus system is even better.

Based on team performance, the system rewards those individuals that have stood out from the rest. By recognizing special skills, other team members will strive harder to become recognized members of your dental practice.

Plan Get Togethers for a Successful Dental Team

By creating opportunities outside office hours, you are building personal relationships with your team. Doing things that aren’t related to work gives the entire office the chance to relax and unwind outside of work. As a result, everyone will come together.


When people get together for picnics, barbecues, birthdays and other special events, they will appreciate each other and the workplace. Most importantly, they will know that you care about each individual working as a team.

If you would like more information regarding dental practice management, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation. It really will make a difference.

For a successful dental team call Blatchford Solutions today.

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