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July 20, 2018
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What a Dental Coach Can and Can’t Do

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A dental coach is like any other coach. Good coaches have the hands on experience and as a result, get the job done.

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A good dental coach understands the difficulties of the dental world and has the knowledge and expertise to successfully market any dental practice. Consequently a dental coach makes things happen.

What is a Coach?

The true definition of a coach is to motivate the client, student, or athlete to achieve success in areas that need to be improved. A good dental coach helps dentists and dental teams develop custom-made skill sets and goals that are vital for any dental practice.


A Good Dental Coach will:

  • Guide, inspire, and empower
  • Provide knowledge
  • Motivate
  • Be consistent
  • Have effective and proven communication skills
  • Offer insight
  • Not take over your dental practice

Dental coaches offer a safe haven where dentists and the dental team have the opportunity to see the practice more clearly. Because the team listens, asks questions, and challenges the dentist and the practice will succeed.

What Else Does a Dental Coach Do?

Clarifying personal and professional goals is just part of the picture. Because Drs Bill and Christina Blatchford help identify the gap between you and your patients and your team, things will run smoothly. If you are working less, but making the same amount of money, that gap needs to be filled.

By anticipating and understanding obstacles, your dental practice has the support system needed to grow your dental practice.

What a Dental Coach Can’t Do

Waving a magic wand over your dental practice will not cut your workweek. It won’t increase your bottom line either. Getting your practice to the place, you want it to be takes time. Both you and your dental team will have lots of homework to contend with if you want your dental practice to get to the next level. While it may seem easy, it isn’t.

Good dental coaches will never take over your dental practice. You will work right alongside the team from Blatchford Solutions to ensure the best results possible for your dental practice.


If you aren’t committed to the change, a dental coach isn’t the solution. Dr’s Bill and Christina Blatchford know the cues and can tell within minutes if any changes will actually occur after coaching.

You and your team need to make the necessary adjustments to succeed. A dental coach cannot change your attitude if you aren’t prepared to.

When you work less days for more money and your staff does too, everyone will be happy. Find out how you can make that happen with Blatchford Solutions, call or click today.

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