Mornings with Blatchford When to Hire A Coach Episode 197
April 26, 2018
A Better System for Patient Relationship Management | Solution Reach
May 11, 2018

Total Systems For Your Dental Practice


Are you looking for a better way to handle payments from your patients?

Total Systems is all about unlocking payment opportunities for patients to pay the dentist.

Their Payment Bridge solution offers a great way to improve cash flow and increase practice efficiency.


In this episode, you will learn how Total Systems can provide…

  • Payment auto posting (no manual entry)
  • Paperless
  • Encrypted cards on file (click to pay)
  • Managing Accounts Receivable through recurring payment plan
  • Online payment options. 

“With good systems one person at the front can handle an office doing millions of dollars each year.” Dr. Blatchford


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TSYS Payment Solutions

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