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April 13, 2018
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April 24, 2018

Integrity is Essential for Every Dental Practice

According to the dictionary, a person with integrity has strong moral principles is sincere, trustworthy, honest and forthright.

Integrity in Business

How can you tell when it is appropriate for you to engage in a business relationship with someone? Is the marketing and advertising true to how people really conduct themselves? How can I trust that this person or business has my best interest at heart? How can I evaluate if it is worth my time and reputation to be involved with this company? One does not like to be taken advantage of in business. We need a two-way street of respect and co-operation.

I look for others who conduct themselves appropriately. There are many ways to observe integrity at work. One way would be to demonstrate how valuable they feel about other people’s time. There is respect. These people are quick to give credit to others and not be boastful about their individual accomplishments or steal the show. Integrity shows when people are honest and authentic. You can count on them to tell you the truth in their communications.

How to Spot a Person with Integrity

People who are honest never takes advantage of others or situations. There are no arguments or disagreements. If the solution is not the best for you, an honest person will help you with other options, even if the first solution would have made him or her more money or influence.

Integrity is about giving you the benefit of the doubt. There is no argument. They are so aware of others and selfless, they can know when something is bothering others, it is not boastful, but instead is more listening and absorbing. They believe in the good of others.

In watching the acts of integrity, you will notice they apologize first. They are humble and able to make others feel comfortable to contribute.

People who have integrity do well when they can and are kind to those in need. It has nothing to do with size of the person but those who are filled with integrity can be held in higher esteem by others, allowing them room to create business opportunities that can make a real difference.

How Does This All Relate

How can we relate this to Blatchford Solutions? Bill is really a stand for integrity and consequently, I struggle to have him take credit for it.

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