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March 13, 2018
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March 29, 2018

Getting Results with Blatchford | Dr. Kay Henry

Dr. Kay Henry was ready to give it all up.

She was stressed, anxious, tired, and at 64 years old felt it was time to start transitioning into retirement.

… until she met Blatchford Solutions!

Blatchford Solutions is a Dental Consulting company who can turn your dental office into a pinnacle practice. Empower yourself to earn the types of cases you’ve always wanted.

With coaching from the Blatchford team, and her willingness to jump in and implement changes Dr. Henry has reinvigorated her love of dentistry and revitalized her practice.

On this episode of the podcast we will go through Dr. Henry’s story of transformation and what made that possible.


In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how Blatchford Solutions helped Dr Henry grow her net income by 10% WHILE reducing her hours by 30%!
  • Discover why Dr. Henry went from wanting to sell her practice to never being more excited about dentistry
  • Understand how Blatchford Solutions can help you enjoy your practice more
  • Realize the power of cross training your staff
  • Learn Dr. Henry’s one big regret in dentistry

“With good systems one person at the front can handle an office doing millions of dollars each year.” Dr. Blatchford


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